Saturday , February 4 2023

A disciplinary investigation into the death of a motorcyclist driver from police persecution in Envigado


The Metropolitan Police in the Aburrá Valley began a disciplinary investigation of the procedures that ended in the municipality of Envigado this afternoon at noon on the death of the motorcyclist.

According to EL Colombia, a motor-driven patrol found a young man near the Envigado subway station. According to the preliminary version, He did not obey the command to not wear a uniform., Causing his reaction.

In the entire follow-up, one of the officers was dismissed and the young man was dropped and died at the Carrera 49 and Calle 36sur corners behind the BiH Shopping Center. The victim Gonzalo Adolfo Montoya Porras, 21 years old.

Pablo Ruiz, a counselor in a metropolitan city counseled by this situation, explained: "Depending on what the quadrant patrol represented, they asked for a mandate to stop or arrest the young man. It was mobilized on a motorcycle at high speed. It begins the persecution of the police, and as a result unfortunately the young man dies from quadrennial burnt. "

In fact, a few citizens came to the place, and tears flowed in between. He argued that the attitude of the prison was not a thief but an unarmed student who had several academic papers.

"The police did not say he was the perpetrator.It is simply a process of police patrol and unfortunately the result of young people dying. So the criminal and disciplinary investigation into the case has begun and we can see clearly that, "said Colonel Ruiz.

The case was handled by a forensic technician at CTI's CTI, which began collecting evidence to clarify what happened.

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