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90% of heart attacks are prevented

In Colombia, 20,567 men and 17,236 women died of heart disease in 2017, according to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane.

These figures could be reduced by prevention, It's the main characteristic of the heart attacks that they, in principle, develop through poor living habits.

About 17 million people die of cardiovascular disease annually, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), and more than seven million are attributed to coronary heart disease., leading causes of myocardial infarction, also known as heart attacks.

Vivian Bernal, a new specialty doctor of EPS, solves the most common doubt about heart attack and healthy behavior that anyone can assume to maintain good health; and In the event that you already suffer from an attack of this type, your quality of life will improve.

What is a myocardial infarction than a heart attack?

Myocardial infarction is a pathology that is characterized by the death of part of my heart muscle, which occurs when a coronary artery is completely obstructed by accumulation of fat waste in & # 39; arteries.

If the heart muscle lacks oxygen for too long, the tissue in that area dies and does not regenerate.

How to identify a heart attack?

The previous symptoms are diverse, including the most significant pain in breasts as well as an abdominal pain, which is radiated to the shoulders or arms, and can be accompanied by dizziness, anxiety, palpitations, floating and short breath.

In women, in addition to the mentioned symptoms, intense pain in the neck and jaw can be worn and weak.

What to do if the mentioned symptoms occur?

The person must leave every activity they do and ask for help, and immediately approach the emergency department.

Risk factors

  • High cholesterol: The body gets extra cholesterol from food of animal origin as well as contains large amounts of saturated fat.
  • Diabetes: If you know that you are suffering from diabetes, you should be checked by a doctor, for good control of levels in blood glucose (sugar) that can reduce your cardiovascular risk.
  • Obesity and obesity: excessive weight can increase cholesterol, preventing clogging of arteries.
  • Alcohol: Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages has impact on levels of blood pressure and blood pressure, alongside the high calorie content it represents.
  • Physical inactivity: Inactive people are at a higher risk of having a heart attack than people who regularly exercise. Exercise combines calories to maintain healthy weight, helps control cholesterol levels, diabetes, and possibly lowering blood pressure.
  • Heritage: The hereditary factor is very important, because the chances of suffering from heart disease are increasing as a family member suffers from the first or second degree of consonant health.
  • Sex and age: Statistical men are the ones most likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, especially older than 65 years.

How can a heart attack occur?

About 90% of heart attacks have been prevented by maintaining healthy lifestyle habits how:

  • Forget about tobacco consumption (cigarette, cigar, powder tobacco) and exposure to permanent tobacco smoke exposure.

  • Minimize the consumption of food rich in trans fat (oil or butter of animal origin, margarine, and reused oil), sugary drinks (soda, soda), preserves or brine. Eat five daily servings (400 grams) of fruit and vegetables in the diet and reduce salt intake.

  • Perform physical activity, 30 minutes run every day for 5 days in & # 39; week enough. In children and young people the time is double and strong activities must be included

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