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100 days Iván Duque: Competition with the Uque a Duque in the 100 years of government, sustainability and visibility | politics

Senator Alvaro Uribe To defend the government's decision 100 days They are too small to judge the president.; But he pointed out. There is something you need to fix.

It also Difficulty you have For preparation Budget and disputes The students stated that the budget received a country with a lot of debt with little room for maneuvering.

Read the balance of the Uri Party's Prime Minister Uri in the first 100 days.

100 days: The government has seen little or no time in four years

Measure 100 days of government It can be a subjective, descriptive, or rudimentary indicator.

President Ivan Duque Vice president Marta Lucia Ramirez Value Transparency that voters claim

The display is clear. Colombia has a government promised to guarantee anti-corruption.

The dialogue between the government and the community is impressive.For example, preparation, development and follow-up of Construyendo País Workshops. I confess that I was impressed when President Duke attended his engagement at Chocó.Grandmother Mrs. The day Stella Tono de Márquez died.

1. Tightening:

The President's direction on austerity will continue with the reform of the administration, Treasury of 6 trillion won. Early savings 2019 is 1.2 trillion won. Citizens who are impatient with the waste of the previous administration quickly claim this reform. There are problems that require laws and those that do not. No law is required, such as denying contract renewals, deleting payroll lists, appointing managers as managers of other entities, or appointing managers during removal. It should be noted that many abstinence crystals are not produced. First month benefits on the reduction.

One of the problems with the administration is that many consultants There is bureaucratic expansion and dangerously persuasive.

It is urgent to correct bureaucratic waste submitted by the previous administration.. According to researcher Luis Guillermo Vélez Álvarez, between 2011 and 2018, the government spends 6.4 billion pesos on human capital, up from 2.6% of GDP to 3.3%.

2. Security:

The difficulty of anxiety Deficiencies and lack of security policies. The armed forces were paralyzed and the use of legitimate force was threatened by the prison and the citizenship was deprived. Also, They taught generosity to terrorism. The government's firm decisions will all be coordinated and hopefully good. That Citizenship is hurt by the vandalism that the authorities should eradicate with social protest.

Much Mayor and governor They felt frustrated by the lack of resolution of the previous administration. The government has shown very important results in the program. "The person who pays the money." Rapid deployment forces, diamond plans, and more.

The government is clear Consistent with the requirements for ELN, Promoting dialogue through discontinuing violent behavior.

3. Drug trafficking, consumption and delivery:

The government does not hesitate to fight drugs.

In good times, the statute of confiscation has entered into force, and there must be a passion that must be kept forever and not corrupt.. It was wise to appeal directly to the Constitution and the police law without the need for a new law. The number of seizures reached 4827 kilograms and 1465 distributors left the street.. This shows that the more you participate in the security policy, the better the results.

The delivery of Farc's re-enforcing forces will have to amend the agreement of Havana. Article 19 of the Legislative Act barely confirms the possibility of 2017, which appears to be far removed from the requirements and interpretation of the JEP. Other modifications to the agreement are pending.

4. Economy:

Only the President of the Senate Ernesto MachiaPublished data on the disastrous economic legacy of President Duke. Barely offset by the 2010 global crisis, the public sector's consolidated debt was 43% of GDP and was 55.9% this year. Central government debt increased from 36% of GDP to 45%. Future budgets for the same period increased from 22 trillion won to more than 90 trillion won. The health deficit is about 11 billion. There are other key issues, such as the ElectriCaribe structure estimated at 10 billion, financial liabilities with 5 billion debts with the financial sector, ten difficulties with Odebrecht as well as ten concessions due to financial closure. Multiple signatures

We must remember that the previous government wasted oil-refineries at 3.5% of GDP, which was based on eco-petroleum.

Colombia has not lost its level of investment in international credit rating agencies. President Duke and the new government. That bond with trust $ 15 million.

Sad, but the impact of the Colombian economy, Investment horror and excess tax and waste, In recent years, we have gained great support for illegal mining and drug trafficking. There is still a 13% difference between the US dollar and the low cash value of the exchange house.

5. Budget:

Without considering withdrawal The FARC committed 129 billion There was a shortage of 25 billion resources in the 2019 budget.

Only in the non-educated societies was this 12 billion.

With the placement of the recommended bonds, which led to the exchange of TES and the postponement of debt repayments, the deficit was reduced to 14 billion, and in the education-less social sector it was reduced to 6 billion.

It's a good idea to remember the following: Without adjustment budget The contribution of the residence will only be enough to pay. Debt on free housing, Many of which require add-ons and improvements, and there was no way to provide them Subsidy for improvement or start of owner's program in Sidva; More than 500 billion ThirdThis will lead the government with transparency and equity. This adjustment will allow you to attend. An additional 500 times food distribution in the school meals program; Without adjustment 3.8 billion deficit The state of health, which remains balanced by at least 2019, has not yet been resolved. Social security programs such as Familias en Acción and others were not funded at 1.8 trillion won. The ICBF lacked 1.5 billion. Coldeportes to 36 Billion; etc.

President Duke has the greatest commitment to education. In addition to the additional 4 billion budget, we have a commitment to increase our contribution to the public college every year. University free service for young people from low-income families. 80,000 scholarships, With all the support for excellent results, without bias to ensure resources, Pilo Pay You can finish their studies. You should pay attention to the executives starting at Seine. Eliminates client attention and corruption.As a technician, we aim to acquire a bachelor's degree and become a technician so that we can reach the highest level.

6. Financing:

We are confident that the government will find tax alternatives to equity to avoid VAT on the base products of the family basket with speakers from other parties. Regarding the pension, the taxpayers must pay tax exemption only for the former president, the former councilor, and the former magistrate.

7. International Policy:

The central government is Fight drug trafficking, And Accusation of humanitarian crisis Maduro's dictatorship could not guarantee humanitarian concern because it could continue to lead two million Venezuelan brothers in Colombia.

Decision to withdraw Colombia from UNASUR. Multilateralism can not serve a dictatorship or exclude good democracy.


We believe in the dialectics of our business, and we persist and rectify.

We reiterate Colombia 's demand to cut taxes in order to create better jobs and better compensation for workers. So we will contribute additional premiums to the project that will benefit six million workers, stimulate job creation, improve social income, reduce the disparity gap, and help overcome informality. To achieve democratic stability and social stability on which peace is based

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