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On the afternoon of November 18th, the 2018 Science Future Awards ceremony was held today at the China World Hotel in Beijing. Yuan Longping, Li Jiayang and Zhang Qiu won the 2018 Future Scientific Award – Life Science Award.Native

Ding Jian, Shen Nanpeng, Zhang Lei and others donated the award to the winners. Future Science Awards is the first prize in civilian science sponsored by Chinese scientists and entrepreneurs. The Life Science Awards cover all major science fields related to major life sciences, including basic chemistry in medicine and biology. The awards are $ 1 million donated by Ding Jian, Shen Nanpeng, Zhang Lei and others.

At the awards ceremony, Professor Yuan Longping, the winner of the China National Hybrid Rice Work Technology Center, could not come to the scene because of physical reasons. But Professor Yuan Longping, in an acceptance speech in the form of a video, "I honor this award because of the jury that selected me as a winner." I presented to the jury on behalf of the Hybrid Rice Working Group . Thank you very much. Xiaoping comrade, who celebrated the 40th anniversary of the reform and liberation this year, has brought science and technology to the main productivity, which has received a great response from intellectuals. The development of hybrid rice is considered to be the first productivity. We have been playing a big role in solving the food problem for 70 million Chinese every year and we are now committed to researching superhybrid rice, we have got good results, there is no end to scientific research, we still have dreams, the direction of hybrid rice . A world that encompasses the dreams of the world. Let the development of hybrid rice play an important role in helping people around the world and protecting world food security. "

The Private Science Prize and the Future Science Prize will focus on the first fundamental scientific research and reward scientists (not limited to nationality) that have achieved exceptional results in the Greater China region. The awards ceremony will be nominated by direct invitation and will be judged by an outstanding team of scientists and scientists while maintaining the prestige of impartiality, fairness and reliability and maintaining the independence of the awards.

The Future Scientific Prize is currently holding the Science Science Award, the Mathematics and the Computer Science Award, which cover not only the Life Science Award but also all the basic sciences related to material science such as physics and chemistry, and the basics related to mathematics and computer science. And in applied research, each awards won more than five people.

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