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The prize of the first party of 5G mobile phone expects the expectations. Why is the reason behind the high price? | Lei Feng Network

When the 5G mobile phone comes, the most important problem can be for consumers. In China, China mobile partner conference, Wang Hengjiang, deputy general director of China Mobile Terminal Corporation, said China Mobile Partner Conference 2018 says China's 3G commercials for commercial period 2016, there are 3 – 5 tests, pre – Commercial chips, 30+ test, pre-commerce terminal, mobile phone price is about 8,000 yuan, and the price of data terminal is more than 3,000 yuan.

The price of 8,000 yuan has surprisingly many consumers, Lei Fengwangout

(Public number: Lei Feng network)According to Sino's first half of 2018, the average price of our well-known mobile telephones is Apple (5378 yuan), Huawei (2469 yuan), sales and sales volumes of mobile phones, OPPO (1995 yuan), Samsung (1953 yuan), vivo (1951 yuan), glory (1444 yuan), Jin Li (1367 yuan), Xiaomi (1303 yuan), Meizu (1031 yuan).

Currently, there are only a handful of mobile phones that have a price of 8,000 yuan on the market. If the price of a 5G mobile phone is running 8,000 yuan or more, it should have the consumption level of # and most users over. In fact, we can understand the first pattern of 5G mobile phones or internal test machines of operators and 5G crapping machines. The purpose is also very simple, that is, first implement a small scale 5G current scene test, check the complete system and investigate a new model for the 5G industry.

The prize of the first party of 5G mobile phone expects the expectations. Why is the reason behind the high price?

In 2019, the 5G terminal will undergo technical verification, friendly user prototype and performance for development processes. By 2020, 5G-grade required training, output expansion, cost reduction and scale development.

Lei understands that China Mobile is expected to reach 8-10 commercial chips in 2020 in the official commercial of 5G, and commercial terminals can reach more than 60 models. The price of smartphones will fall around 1,000 yuan, and the price of data terminals will disappear. Sawat 300 yuan. China Mobile will focus on purchasing 10,000 terminals in 2019, and investing $ 1-2 billion in terminal grants, and developing friendly user tests in September.

Why is the first prize of 5G mobile phones so high?

Both hardware costs and R & D costs have set the price of 5G mobile counters. If operators are not the main target of launching 5G mobile phones by foreign telephant manufacturers, but to test and investigate. 5G mobile phones need to provide new technology as millimeter, and should be compatible with 4G and previous networks. The first cost of chips and radios is high. When the sector reaches, according to the rhythm of the whole school and the lowest, the number and prices of 5G-mobiles become popular. Turn.

China Mobile's "5G Terminal Product White Paper" makes clear facilities. In 2019, pre-commercial 5G mobile TVs support in least five modes (NR / TD-LTE / LTE FDD / WCDMA / GSM) in SA mode, support 2T4R smartphones, etc. This hardware attachment has objectively increased the cost of factories of 5G commerce.

In addition, Huawei, Vivo, Xiaomi, OPPO, ZTE and China Mobile will launch the first pattern of 5G-test segments in the first quarter of 2019. The strength of the income of the first party of 5G mobile manufacturers is mainly the TOP 10 brand. Apple may be a bit slow, typically downloading 5G phones in 2020.

In the 1990s, the prize of # 39; Big Brother sold to more than 10,000 yuan. At that time, the terminal technology was more real estate. International initiators say that in the middle of 2019 the friendly version of 5G mobile phones will be available. In & # 39; The second half of the year will launch all major fire-fighting "commodity-grade mobile phone numbers". After 5G will be officially commercial in 2020, 5G mobile phone will use a real boom.

The prize of the first party of 5G mobile phone expects the expectations. Why is the reason behind the high price?

In recent analysis, 5G mobile phones are not a mobile phone maker, but the recent ministry of Industry and Information Technology has just made clear the allocation of 5G frequency bands, it's a formal step for commercialization. Certified "three certificates" (3C certificate, model certified certificate, network access permit), device equipment to harmonize products with career standards and complete 5G network coverage, mobile phone manufacturers and new products manufacturers in & # 39; deep collaboration to make 5G mobile phones (chip manufacturers to mobile phones) The support of the manufacturers has a direct influence on the start location of the 5G mobile phone market. The chip, terminal, RF and instrument light manufacturers in & nbsp; the upstream and streamlined & quot; The terminal industries have reached 5G mobile phone.

In the screen of Lei, 5G mobile phone will be at the beginning of & # 39; the market will be stronger. With a small variety of products, a mobile phone maker can only supply one or two flagship hugging products 5G, and the subsequent red prices will continue with the industry, and the high price will continue to run one by one. Over a year.

The 20G mobile phone in 2019 is an "experimental machine" .. The price is high and not 100% complete. The 5G mobile phone in 2020 is a red form, but the 4G mobile phone will still be the absolute heading in the market. To save the year, 5G commuters want the user of the user group to change the machine; After 1-2 years of 5G commercial use, the installation of 5G mobile phone will be completed, and the performance / performance will be gradually connected to 4G mobile phones.

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