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Tencent Guardian supports the Liaoning Chaoyang in the first crime of Domestic Malware Provider – Tencent Cloud Tencent Cloud

In short, with the approval of the final document of the arrest warrant, the first internal criminal case against # 39; the merciful registration software company reached the ground. The case successfully failed to register the network account of & # 39; the downstream trade in middle-right registrations and maintenance work. The room went to the upstream to perhaps register the whole chain of software from the software producer.

In June of this year, the program of Safety or the Tencent Guardian of the Chaoyang police in Liaoning to contact a crime program against insufficient registration, exiting a streamlined execution of # the successful registration of the number homepage, the destruction of the XXTouch software and several scripts that received technical support for sensitive registration and were 15 suspects, 12 people were arrested and 100,000 illegal personal information was obtained. More than 50,000 micro-signals were involved, and the funds were confirmed and replaced for more than 2.4 million yuan.

(The police arrested the suspect on the scene)

Early April, the public reported to the Chaoyang County Network Brigade Brigade in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. Some people were missing registration scripts and online accounts online, which had a bad effect. These online accounts are transferred to the black ezproduction areas, such as online gaming, smashing and single-sale bonds, causing damage to the ownership of people. The Chaoyang City network police sent directors to the elite police committee and found that the home activity in Chaoyang County used the XXTouch software and the pilgrimage to carry out maintenance behavior. As a result, the Chaoyang Municipal Bureau has committed a crime project against incorrect registration in the city and province. The two levels of social security bodies work together to create a full-fledged attack on the downstream maintenance studio and the extensive registration regime XXTouch and mushroom scripts, and suspects, including XXTouch authors, pilgrim writers , maintenance studio, card holder and material supplier. Human beings.

During the investigation, the police also found that some operators gathered the mobile phone number that was stopped by the internal system. After the criminal suspect the employee has hired to check the mobile phone of the registered network account, log in to the internal system of an operator to get the sublimation certificate. Code, and then sell the network account.

(The Users of & # 39;

In recent days, the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Public Prosecutor's Office of # Public Security, the China Criminology Society, the Criminal Law Science Research Center of Renmin University of China, and the Security Management Department of Tencent Company compiled the Internet Account Malicious Registration Black Industry Governance Forum. The case is introduced as a typical case of WeChat against the black source of sensitive registration. The "Blackmail Governance Report on Internet Internet Mail Checks" published on the web page pointed out that embedded registration and listening of numbers in & # 39; The Internet space is widespread, and the threats contain e-commerce, internet finances, living services, integral platforms, social and other scenarios. Make a common cancer in a full Internet business. It may be said that incorrect registration is the source of black & gray production of the Internet.

In order to record and verify international accounting and security of Internet accounting, the international business represented by Tencent has set out a series of online and offline actions, hoping to achieve different techniques and measures such as technology, strategy and law on the attaining the behavior. To maintain the security and order of the Internet system. This is an initiative to actively help the police to handle the "XXTouch" merciful registration armship.

Beginning in 2017, the WeChat Security Center has set up the "Gone Water Action" to register harmfully. At the beginning of 2018, WeChat launched a registration-based authentication strategy. If it is found that the user performs an abnormal registration, such as registration and plug-in registration, the user is required to complete the registration by friend help. This effect proves the cost of sensitive registration and maintenance by consuming funds as registered mobile phone cards of black and gray. Under the continuous high-performance policy, the number of management of WeChat has been abolished since the end of 2017, and the total number of empowered messages in WeChat has a lot of influence.

At the same time, Tencent Guardian security team and WeChat security team launched a special victory on real-time registration, actively support the public security bodies, and completed the Guangdong Police Annet 4 "Changsha Line Shang Network Technology Co., Ltd. to destroy computer system information" and other malicious Write a project.

The security team of Tencent's Guardian Program states that black registration by mass production of mass accounts, sales of various types of international criminals, is the source of all cyber criminals. The Guardian Program expects the public to pay attention to the protection of their own information, perhaps to be used by sensitive registration cadres, not using an unofficial client's program, to get through police forces, etc., for online accounts to use official procedures, and not buy any registration clothing. The network account was offered.

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