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Shanghai Phoenix President: For boring ordinary residences shared bikes are healthier this year | Shanghai Phoenix | Wang Chaoyang |

Original title: Shanghai Phoenix President: for boring normal reopening shared bikes are without this year

Beijing News (Reporter Chen Weicheng) On April 15, 2019, China was held an electric bicycle industry summit forum in Beijing. Wang Chaoyang, president of the domestic bicycle rider Company Shanghai Phoenix Fyts Co., Ltd., told the Beijing News that the shared bicycle industry is developing a healthy way in 2019. In addition, the so-called yellow yellow car is normally realized.

"The departments in question are relatively supportive at the starting stage of the development of new things, and relatively less in terms of standards, and so the development process is rather clever." Wang Chaoyang said that bicycle sharing should find a better model, which can be relatively in love, whether it is right or not. Traveling by traffic is still useful for the industry.

He is of the opinion that the sector is now adjusting, such as fixed hp gaskets, the technology is starting to grow, and government-wide data that is directly linked to shared businesses, in & # 39;

"General bicycles are developing well in 2019, and the three existing companies have adjusted their prices, have more plans and have been closely involved with the government. They have also started to find better profits and better management and management methods." Wang Chaoyang said Therefore, I believe that shared bikes still need one of the most important forces in the full travel field.

Shanghai Phoenix and ofo Xiaohuang auto related related conflict. White Shanghai Phoenix bargain with other companies? In this context, Wang Chaoyang said, "We are one of the most important forces in this sector, we cannot do without the sector, the sector cannot do without us."

On January 11, Shanghai Phoenix promoted a story saying that the daughter-in-law Phoenix Fytses and Dongxia Datong volunteered for mediation accommodation. Phoenix Fyts recently received Dongxia Datong's 27,226 million RMB frozen sum.

For the current collaboration of Wang Chaoyang, president of Shanghai Phoenix Fyts Co., Ltd. told Beijing reporters that it is currently in a normal normal collection.

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