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Peng Haoxiang's New Year's Comedy "With eight eight poems" Killing Yang Qianqi's guest "Kuantai" _ 林雪


Original title: Peng Haoxiang's New Year's comedy "Congratulations to the eight poems" to kill the young Yang Qianxi guest "wide too"

Yang Qianxi was surprised to take part in "Freeze of eight poets"

Sohu Entertainment News The "New Year's Day", directed by Peng Haoxiang, was officially launched on 22nd. Yang Qianxi, who had no chance to see in the past, was surprised to find out in Gastronomy, laughing: "Even if there is only one scene, I hope to participate." Peng Haoxiang and Yang Qianxi have co-operated with the film "Chunjiao" series, Peng said: "Yang Qianxi is very good friend, she has always been my blessing." The film will be released in Hong Kong, China at the Spring Festival of 2019.

Chunjiao back to Peng Haoxiang

Yang Qianxi played a broad name in "Welcome to eight poems", and he was equivalent to the representations of Liang Qiqi, Chen Jing, Lin Zhaoxia, Chen Yining and Ding Kexin. It was reported that the movie series of "Congratulations from eight poems" and the crash of Yang Qianxi's unlucky rank was unconnected. In & # 39; tone of & # 39; The film starred Yang Qianxi eventually with the last bus of filming While he was only one scepter, he added an "eight-woman-nature". The scenes are all involved. "

"Golden Medal" Lin Xue bursts into a guest stroke

Besides Yang Qianxi's surprising guest, came Liang Luoshi four years later to film, and Liang Qiqi recently worked with Peng Haoxiang. For the support of all friends, Peng Haoxiang said: "I feel very fond of friends that will welcome you" Welcome to eight positions, "which is very comforting." It is shown that the 82-year-old film star Xie Xian and the "golden stiper" Lin Xue also gave a wonderful performance in the movie.

The New Day of Comedy "Wolvega to eight poets" officially killed

On feast, Peng Haoxiang Yang Qianxi and Lin Xue together with the performances of Liang Qiqi, Chen Jing, Lin Zhaoxia, Chen Yining, Ding Kexin, Xu Tianyou and Chen Yuren to perform the film, and announced that The film officially introduced a post production and publishing stage.

The film "Wolvega for the eight poets" will be released in Hong Kong, China in Spring Festival of 2019.Go back to Sohu and see more

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