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2018-11-13 06:51:06 Source: Sohu Sports

Original title: North Love – Chen Zifan 4-3 Rivers Hawkins cattle strong explosion cold 4-1 win Allen

On November 13, the snooker Northern Ireland opening on November 13, 2018/2019 season continued, the Chinese players played well in the first round, Chen Zifan saved the match point and four or three people exploded to remove the famous Hawkins, Niu Zhuang . When I hit a single shot and broke the bag, the 4-1 painter defeated his famous Allen. In the rest of the match, Luo Hongyi and Li Xing won a Derby victory and Zhou Yuelong, Xiao Guodong, Yuan Sijun and Tian Pengfei defeated each other to advance to the second round.

Chen Zifan 4-3 Hawkins

Young Chen Chen started professional games last season, scoring in the third round of England. The remaining two rounds were eliminated in the first two rounds. Chen Zifan encountered Hawkins in the first round of the game in Northeast China. Hawkins has shown a steady streak in recent competitions and has entered the final at the Shanghai Masters.

Although the game of the gap in power, Hawkins single launch 99 points first, but the second game Chen Zifan continue to fight in the battle, do not enter the unilateral situation from the beginning of the game, win 56-38 win, I won the 1-1 flat. Then 69-51 won the second round of the game after Hawkins, won 3-2 to win the game winning streak 92, but young Chen Zifan did not panic, win the ball 63-40 Hawkins, scoring the sixth inning Scored the Hawkins' ball in the series and scored in a 69-26 overtime victory. Chen Ji-hwan turned Hawkins on 4-3 and successfully advanced into the second Northern.

Niu Juan 4-1 Allen

Niu Zhuang began competing for professional season last season, but the best record in the rankings did not break through the first two rounds. Nu Zhuang led Allen, who won the Masters Championship a long time ago, starting Daechung. The National Championships defeated Robertson to win the championship, and Wang Zhongwang Invitational, who was just determined, also came in the semi-finals.

The Allen game, which has the advantage of winning home, has not been able to play, and the mistake in the first game has given the cows plenty of opportunities. 73-47 Niu Zhuang took the lead by 1-0. After the second game, Niu Zhuang scored 100 points with 122 points. In the third game Allen got 88 points and regained the game, but Niu Zhuang scored 71 points and scored 3-1 in the fourth round. In the fifth game, Niu Zhuang crossed Allen's counterattack, defeating 78-47 and then he beat 4-1 to drop Allen into the second round of Northern Love.

Zhou Yuelong 4-1 Clicks

Chinese player Zhou Yuelong met the German supernova Klein in the first round, Zhou Yuelong scored 84 points in one game, and Klein scored a score of 1-1 despite 92 single-shot in the second game. However, Zhou Yuelong played an amazing game in the offensive final. The single hit 102, 121, and 134 points in succession and exceeded 300. Eventually, 4-1 entered Clark in the second round.

Tian Feng Fai 4-3

China met veteran Dunn in the first round of the North Love game with Tian Pengfei in Tianjin, Tian Pengfei won the first round in the first round, and in the second game After making 48 mistakes, Dunn scored 77 points to score 1 – 1. Tian Pengfei then scored 132 points, Dunn scored 86 points, and 6th placed victory to score 3-3. In the second game, I kept it. Pengfei scored 60 points to win and 4-3 took Dunn to participate in the second round of Northern Love.

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