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“Non-Rapid Visitors” advanced points in limited space to analyze the truth layer by layer, the non-linear narrative observation is very explosive-Mtime 网 网 Article Details


NewsProduced by Tian Zhuangzhuang, directed by Liu Xiang, with Fan Wei, Dou Xiao, Zhang Songwen, with Liang Chao, Hu Ming, Gao Shang, and Zhu Zhu and Cai Lu, the film “Soon Visitors” will open in many cities in the whole country on October 12 Screening will continue from October 12 to 14, and October 16 to 17. More and more viewers began to engage in the film’s unexpectedly immersive “script kill”. While they felt the surprise of revealing the truth in layers, they were also shocked by the film’s rare innovative editing method. Many viewers expressed their willingness to enter the theater on the day of the film’s release. The film “Unexpected Guests” will be released nationwide on October 22.

Unexpected visitors

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Drama / comedy / suspense Issued in China on October 22, 2021

Analyze the truth layer by layer in confined space

Non-linear narrative observation is highly explosive

Since the movie “Stop Visitors” began to be shown nationwide in advance, it has been well received by a large number of audiences. The reason why the film arouses the curiosity and emotional resonance of the audience is the innovative thinking that runs for the audience. With the continuous emergence of genre films, many viewers are aesthetically weary of multiline and multi-perspective stories. The movie “Uninvited Guest” changed thinking and opened a small room to lure people with ghosts into the game, and completed an unexpected psychological warfare.

The audience is more than the players of the popular game “Script Kill”. When the timeline of the film hits, the audience opens the “scripts” of different characters in the film one by one, learns the truth of the story one by one from the perspective of the characters, and also observes the ein de wiere. Good and bad guys. As the audience said, “The process of solving puzzles is like a script murder, and it’s very fun to watch.”

The movie “Unspeedy Visitors” takes on a non-linear story, and the plot is more explosive in the ongoing looping back and forth, and viewing experience is more enjoyable. The plot came to an abrupt end when it reached the most fascinating stage. The camera turned to the first phase of the plot. The audience followed the film from the perspective of one character to the perspective of another character, and explored the whole matter and the characters around them thus gaining a closed space. double the escalation of excitement and refreshing feeling. Some viewers said the viewing process is “sometimes full of knowing smiles, sometimes nervous, sometimes anxious, the whole experience is at high power, and it’s really worth the price”.

Look at different human natures after knowing a smile

Find the difference Easter eggs to find hidden scheme

The two intuitively prominent elements of the movie “Unspeedy Visitors” are fun and reversal. Whether it’s the actors’ acting skills, plot setting, or line expression, there’s always a sense of intertwined tension interspersed with laughter, and laughter can always erupt after a quiet period in the theater, and laughter is great. Van Wei, who is in charge of film comedy, brings “paradigm humor” into the film.

Many viewers said Van Wei can laugh at himself as long as he speaks. After the audience was amused by the plot, the film’s thinking about human nature also came up. Like “After watching the movie, the sound of Fan Wei’s breathing is still in his mind”, “Each character does not seem to be simple, has his own story”, etc., are the favorite movie “sequelae” of the audience.

Hidden Easter eggs are one of the highlights of the movie “The Uninvited Guest”. The characters, scenes, lines, lighting, props, and even the costumes and positions of the actors in the film have all hidden “scheme”. Some observant audiences found that “every time the person in the movie looks down, the position and shape of the moon in the sky are worth a lot of speculation,” and the audience acknowledged that “after the movie is over, they think well of their dialogue and feel that everything becomes traceable. “

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