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Nicholas Tse uses food for one year to share initial minds for further research and development. – China Daily


Nicholas Tse uses food to share his heart.

It has recently been reported that Nicholas Tse has opened a new restaurant in Beijing and sold noodle prices and has generated a lot of curiosity. It is understood that the original price of 68 yuan of flavored noodles limited to early adopters is a special early adopter of Nicholas Tse before the release of their products. The place of sale is not the same as many netizens said. It is a newly opened restaurant, but Fengwei Lab, a living food experience center established by Nicholas Tse for product research and development.

Nicholas Tse starred in the "Fruit Institute" gourmet experience in the punch card area.

Nicholas Tse can be portrayed as a full-time artist, singer actor, director producer, music producer, protagonist, young businessman, and with so many titles, but the best-known is now the identity of the chef. For the first two months, Nicholas Tse opened Fengwei Lab, the first food and gourmet experience center in Beijing, and hosted the Fengwei Music Show for a week. On the opening day many tourists were attracted to punching cards and long queues. Nicholas Tse himself also linked the site visitors through FaceTime big screen and laughed and "Eat Moon Cake" for everyone, and let the pets eat MAX. Nicholas Tse can see that he is really serious about doing what he likes.

I understand that some netizens who recently sold Nie Weifeng noodles at Fengwei Lab for 68 yuan are new gourmets introduced by Nie Weifeng before the official sale. Noodles used on cotton are noodles developed by Nicholas Tse himself, without artificial additives. Compared to ordinary noodles, the value of noodles is quite high. Whole set meals are cooked and prepared by the on-site chef on the surface of an evenly mixed sauce. The general style of savory sausages and half-boiled eggs and seasonal vegetables developed by Nicholas Tse comes with on-site preparation. Special drinks.

Some people feel that the price is not as close to people after the tasting, but many people say that the high cost of production can describe Nicholas Tse as a value for money. Control.

Let 's work hard in the kitchen for a year and get health and taste.

When Nicholas Tse, who studied abroad when he was a child, wanted to taste instant noodles, he knew deeply that there were certain additives in various seasonings and diets. It not only tells you about your thirst after eating but also your health in the long run. From then on, Nicholas Tse developed an idea to develop healthy instant noodles. Recently, Nicholas Tse studied culinary arts, showing not only the food exhibition "Feng Wei" but also the superb craftsmanship of specialty dishes, creating food brands of the same name and sharing their own food. With the prosperous development of the food industry, Nicholas Tse has been able to restore high-quality healthy pasta and share it with more people.

Nicholas Tse has tried it several times for a year and at the end of the trials developed and produced healthy, delicious, dry noodles. Noodles are made from imported wheat from the US and Australia. Bean noodles are 3 times more expensive than soy beans and are cooked with natural ingredients such as fresh sal roots, garlic, pepper and ginger. The natural flavor of the food is preserved. There are no homemade, preservatives in pure natural ingredients, so more people can taste the food.

Nicholas Tse's delicious noodles were marketed in the flagship stores of various e-commerce platforms and received feedback from many buyers. Nicholas Tse expressed the hope that more people will be involved in their own food development and produce more health food.

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