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Lippi: The last warm-up must know Zhu Chenjie Liu Yang strength_footer.


Original title: Lippi: Zhu Chenjie Liu Yang has to warm up to understand the power of the last.

On November 14, the Chinese national soccer team gathered in Haikou to prepare for a friendly with the Palestinian national team on the 20th of this month. Lippi discussed this training issue through an interview with the media.

In the warm-up game, Lippi said, "Palestine has finished the league game because it is the last qualifying match before the Asian Cup and some players will have to rest for a few days. We will try to adjust their status and make the final qualifier This is the final warm-up before the Asian Cup, and it is very necessary for all players to adjust their positions. "

The current FA Cup final has not yet progressed, and Luneng and Guoan are ready. Regarding the impact of the preparations, Lippi said: "The two teams of the FA Cup final take a break before the Asian Cup, which can be shortened by 7-10 days. We will do our best to adjust the status during this period "

Lipi said, "Two players selected Zhu Chenjie and Liu Yang, both of whom were good players in the recent league and we have both signed on. Check out this week's strengths and status as more people will be participating in the Asian Cup this week. If you have an injured player during this time, it will be a very strong candidate. "(Guan Xuan)Go back to Sohu and see more

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