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Lectures and trainings for festival history publicity lectures based in Xiangnan Student Union Memorial Hall

  The Party History Study and Education Grassroots Publicity Lecture Conference was held in the Memorial Hall of the Shonan Federation of Students –

  Promoting in-depth study and training of party history to achieve practical results

(On the afternoon of April 1, the party history teaching and education propaganda seminar was held in the Xiangnan Student Federation’s Memorial Hall. Photo by Tian Chao of Hunan Daily and Huasheng Online)

On the afternoon of April 1, the Propaganda Group of the Party History Study and Education Provincial Commission came to the Xiangnan Student Federation Memorial Hall and held a propaganda seminar on the basis to further the study and education of party history in our province and practical to achieve results. Zhang Hongsen, Member of the Propaganda Group of the Provincial Party Committee, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the event.

The Shonan Students ‘Association is abbreviated as Shonan Students’ Association. It was the headquarters of the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal patriotic student movement in the southern area in the fourth movement of May. An important place for carrying out revolutionary activities, Mao Zedong founded the first party group and organization of the Communist Youth League in southern Hunan.

The Provincial Party Committee’s Propaganda Group and related party members and leaders and representatives of the Hengyang City Base visited the Xiangnan Student Federation Memorial Hall, saw the microfilm “There Are Later Generations” and told the story of Xia Minghan’s revolution, and listened to the micro-story “The Choice of Life Depends on the Original Intentional Revolution Brave General Jiang Xianyun” and discussed and exchanged.

“Hengnan County is actively exploring the model of ‘House Talking Party History Learning and Education’ using the housing markets that are widely accepted by the masses, and promoting the deepening of learning and teaching of party history.” Hu Guoxiong, Secretary of the Hengnan County Party Committee, introduced, Hengnan County As party members and leading cadres at all levels move to the grassroots level, they send on the one hand party history, new history of China, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of socialist development for the masses, and make the “home field talks” a theoretical and policy propaganda for the door of the masses. Meetings, cadres and the masses have a heart-to-heart meeting; on the other hand, the “home field talks” are used as an important carrier of learning and teaching of party history for the private sector, listening to the voices of the masses, solving the problem of “need and worries” of ‘ the masses, and make sure that “everything has an answer, Everything is regulated”.

“The general branch of the village festival moved the classroom for learning and teaching party history to the field, with native and vernacular language promoting why the Chinese Communist Party can, why Marxism is good, and why socialism with Chinese characteristics is good. ” The general branch of Meihua Village, Xidu Town, Hengyang County Secretary Liu Zhun said the village integrates the development of party-historical learning and education with the new era of civilized practice and rural revitalization. Currently, cadres and the masses are being mobilized to move far beyond modern and mechanized early rice plantation. At the same time, with party members and cadres taking the lead in demonstrating, carrying out civilized practice activities in the new era, quantifying civilized and ethical behaviors and advocating for a new style of civilization through the establishment of the Honesty Concentric Credit Bank “.

“Our backward children’s choir from Qihang School rehearses some classic red songs, and through singing, more children are encouraged to participate in learning and educating party history.” Chen Liangwei, lecturer of Hengyang Youth Lecturer Group and director of Qidong County Qihang School, introduced. The school attaches great importance to combining study and education of party history with helping students to establish lofty ideals and serve the homeland. It actively guides young people to learn about history and love of the party, know history and love of the country, so that children can experience the beautiful traditions of the party, by learning party history, the favor of the party appreciate, and strive to become a newcomer of the era responsible for national rejuvenation.

He Qingshuang, a volunteer of “Hengyang People” and the owner of Zhuhui District Marriage Registration Service Center, introduced that Zhuhui District Marriage Registration Service Center pays attention to the simultaneous promotion of “learning party history” and “doing practical things”. holidays, marriage registration can still be processed. We did not adopt the conventional method of overtime, but adopted the way of voluntary service by party members to regulate work flexibly, while at the same time mobilizing the “five old” team and volunteers to participate, making the sweet days of the newcomers were warmer. “He said Qingshuang.

“In the study and education of party history, our museum gives full play to the position of the revolutionary side, strengthens protection and use, promotes revolutionary culture, and inherits the red gene.” Said Wu Lilan, curator of the Xiangnan Student Union Memorial Hall. The memorial hall grows deep in red springs and develops a series of red springs. Micro-party class, micro-story. For example, around the terrifying martyr Xia Minghan, he participated in the production of the microfilm “There are Descendants”; around the famous Northern Expedition Jiang Xianyun, “Hengshan Zhufeng” Mao Zejian, etc., introduced more than 20 festival history stories and microparty classes. Next, we will continue to improve the level of service, and we will strive to build the party’s most popular learning and training base for party members and cadres.

The five representatives of basic forms shared their own real work and exchanged the development of learning and teaching of party history and their understanding. Zhang Hongsen exchanged intermittently, and the atmosphere was warm.

“As you just mentioned, Hengyang is a red hot country and a city of heroes. There are abundant resource benefits for conducting study and training of party history.” Zhang Hongsen hopes that Hengyang will continue to consolidate and develop party history study on the basis of the previous period of work. Education is in a good state, allowing the broad masses of party members and cadres to feel the taste of truth in party history learning and education, building the original mission, inheriting the red gene, creating new ones careers, strive to promote party-oriented learning and education in the vanguard of the province, and the development of the party for the province History teaching education provides fresh experience.

Zhang Hongsen mentioned in the forum that promoting the study and training of party history to deepen and achieve practical results, it is necessary to understand the direction, to adhere to the Marxist view of history, and the theme, mainline, mainstream and firmly understandable essence of the historical development of the party; highlight the general requirements, fully understand that learning history is clear, learning history is described, learning history respect for morality, learning history practice is an organic whole; innovative forms and resources, enrichment of channel carriers, full use of the new era civilization practice center and financial media center at provincial level, and publicity of more people, publicity of young people, Online presentation; strengthening guidance and supervision, dynamically understanding the development of learning and education, effectively strengthening collective learning and standardizing self-study; based on the actual situation of the region and unit, promote method innovation, promote the specific, accurate and differentiated tasks of learning and education, and further highlight Local characteristics and build regional markets. (Reporter Huang Han)

(Editor-in-Chief: Luo Shuai, Peng Yingbing)

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