Wednesday , August 4 2021

In Mercedes-Benz female car owners, activists are inviting, hit the "car financial service building" shady – 36kr

  1. In Benz female car owners are inviting rights activists, hit the "auto-financial services" sharply 36kr
  2. Xi an Mercedes-Benz female car owner called to defend the rights behind the screens 4S shop background is not simple China
  3. Mercedes-Benz called for activist female car owners that they were. Youth funds forced Mercedes-Benz to answer RFI – Radio France International
  4. Mercedes-Benz responds to 15,000 financial services: always operates according to law – IT & Transport cnBeta
  5. The female car owners said they were in trouble and were no longer officially in contact with the Star or Mercedes-Benz.
  6. See full story about Google News

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