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In 2018, cats opened their 10th birthday in the evening. Millennium Mariah Carey and others helped Yi Sunsin. | Mariah Carey | Yi Qian Qian Qian | Zhang Hengwei _ Sina News


Original title: At the evening of 10th birthday, 2018 cats were brought. Yi Qian Millennium Mariah Carey helped.

Yi Qiann debuted for the first time and exploded. Photo Source: Zhang Hengwei

Zhongxin Online Haihai November 11 (reporter Xu Yin Kang Yuzhan Zhang Hengwei) In the evening of October, 2018 Tmall Double 11 Carnival Night (hereinafter Cat Night) was held at the Mercedes Benz Cultural Center in Shanghai. Stars gathered at night. This "super party", which has a young and international style, attracted a lot of attention.

Miranda Kerr called the new song "Rose I Love You". Photo Source: Zhang Hengwei

After the spectacular opening show, Yi Qiann led the "Flameable Device" team at "This is Street Dance" to sing the theme song "The Wonderful Just Begins" and the "You And Me" dance show. The atmosphere of the audience has exploded. In fact, Yi Qian, a spokesman for Tmall, has a "cat" insoluble bond. "My family raised three cats and gave birth to six cats, nine cats. My favorite is to find them and scratch them." According to organizers' requests, Yi Qianqian had a conversation with the cat at home, I showed you the moving phrase.

Jay Chou shows off singers and dances. Photo Source: Zhang Hengwei

Zhang Yixing's big show dance technique showed a new song "Ma Po Tofu" at the live show, Li Wei deeply sang "Lighting the Heart" and Jay Chou, Luo Zhixiang, Watanabe Naomi and other famous singers also danced I brought it. skewer. That night, Miranda Kerr, known as "the lover's supermodel", seldom called a new song "Rose I Love You" in Chinese in a white suit. Cirque du Soleil, who won the "Legend of the Circus" and Emmy Award, also showed a custom show for the cat night.

Zhang Jie and Xie Na said, "This is love." Photo Source: Zhang Hengwei

That night is the tenth birthday of a cat night. Coincidentally, this year is the 10th year of Jie Jie and her master Xie Na "in hand". Those two were big dogs "dog food" that night and they sang "This is love." Xie Na told the audience that in the scene, the two people often buy things online and say that Jang Jie bought two of their 10th anniversary gifts of love on the Internet. It is also the most meaningful gift. "

International Singer Mariah Carey Finale Performer Zhang Hengwei Photos

International singer Mariah Carey debuted and performed "emotions" and "heroes." That night Ma Yun did not show up at the party, but he spent the 10th anniversary blessing on the VCR. "This is the 10th double 11, and the double 11 is not the discounted day, and it's the best product manufacturer can use." The price is appreciated by our consumers, and I hope that everyone can buy more than just a simple thing. But surprise. " (End)

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