Friday , April 23 2021 Dong Mingzhu Married to Lighting Information Services Must Be Highly Punished – Warning! – cnBeta.COM comment:Yesterday (January 21), media reports that Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric Appliances, was sent a letter of care by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange for lying important information. According to the report, on January 16, Dong Mingzhu answered shareholders' questions at Gree Electric's first extraordinary meeting in 2019: "Gree Electric expects income to reach 200 million yuan in 2018, and future profits will be expected to earn 26 billion yuan. ""

As a result, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange sent a letter to Gree Electric Appliances on the following day, saying that Gree Electric Appliances was announced on & # 39; on the eve of January 16, while its president has released a 26 billion yuan violence company with the previous party's announcement. Performance. According to relevant regulations, the aforementioned company and related information links may not disclose obligations or publish or publicly disclose material by any other means such as press release or by replying to journalists in the designated media. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange is about this …

For inclusion of Gree Electric Appliances president in 2012, Dong Mingzhu has also had many years & # 39; a position of deputy general director and firm president of the company. The key information such as the core financial information of a business site is one of & # 39; the cause of & # 39; e fluctuation of the company's business and even the fluctuation of & # 39; a complete brand. Do not attempt to keep this rule, move and want to make this rule unpredictable for the brand and the market. Attention, warning, and even punishment for such behavior are the responsibility of any regulatory authorities concerned.

Of course, from & # 39; cases An injury to the most important financial information that has been launched is good news for the publishing company, so that the result is & # 39; impatiently & # 39; share of & # 39; A business price drives some "heart" people The use of the era between the disclosure of non-compliance information and the disclosure of information through regulated channels is the mark that is profitable. Such information provision, even if it is really "unmanaged", needs to be resolved and punished punishably. The "unwarranted" prospect of all business intelligence is that no company has published for all its bad news.

As chairman of a licensed company, the words and works involved in the main interests of a company are not required to play the role of "dumb chorus", but they must also be careful. Yes, Dong Mingzhu, president of Gree Electric Appliances, has always been well-communicated in the field of communication. This item can be seen from & # 39; & # 39; a bus pick from big cities in the form of Dong Mingzhu's great personal image. However, it is precisely because of this that the well-known public opinion focuses on the characters, and once the rules are lost, the consequences of their words and work are greater than normal people. The main core of financial data from category is not the gimmick of individual investment in the success of games, not the ambition of making pots and cores, but the rise and fall of & # 39; The interests of thousands of shareholders.

There are already presidents to deal with this illegal disclosure of information. On February 12, 2007, the commercial contract of the said company was Hangxiao Steel in the end of & # 39; e phase. The company president gave the news in & # 39; a meeting of the 2006 meeting, saying that if the project started, the revenue in 2008 is 12 billion, the goal of the group is 15 billion. On February 15, Hangxiao Stiel announced the announcement of this information. Afterwards, the CSRC did not release important Hangzhou Xiaogang events that were published in & # 39; publications in & # 39; The media is determined by the regulatory agency in accordance with the provisions of Securities Law, and at the same time publish the material for all directors. It was released in the international summary and recommendation meeting, and their behavior violates the & # 39; e Securities Law and the administrative measures and constituted the "unpublished information according to the provisions of Article 193 of the Securities Law". Thus, the behavior was ordered for Hangxiao Steel and 5 important responsible persons.

The Gree Electric Dong Mingzhu was asked for heavy misconduct and should only be the first step to the process. After that, according to relevant rules and regulations, Gree Electric should also be additional seated. As a result of loss through relevant penalties, Gree Electric's investments may be governed by law.

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