Saturday , June 19 2021

Fiction! Homework Helped Ape Guidance Severe Punishment! Watch out for these ads on online training platforms_Training-Sohu

  1. Fiction! Homework helped severely punish Yuan Mentor! Beware of these ads on online training platforms_TrainingSohu
  2. Certain Remedial Classes: Learning You Can’t Do It, You Trouble Yourself-Viewpoint · ObservationcnBeta
  3. The market supervision department imposes a fine of 2.5 million yuan on “Homework Help” and “Ape Guidance” respectivelyChina
  4. Chinese government rectifies online education | International | Oriental Not Malaysia Oriental Daily NewsMalaysia Oriental Daily
  5. Did the homework help and Yuanjiao punished this time through the top roster? -View point and observationcnBeta
  6. View the full Google News report

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