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F1 1000st station race ends, Shanghai became a stop for F1 global maps | Station | Events | _Sina News

The original title: F1 1000st station race was finalized in January. Shanghai was a stop for the global map F1.

Shanghai is a stop to miss in & # 39; global map of & # 39; e F1

The 1000th drive of & # 39; a Grand Prix of & # 39; Heineken's 2019F1 was held in a SAIC International Circuit yesterday. The number of people who & # 39; play it in & # 39; The three days were almost 160,000. The 20 driver of 10 teams were concentrated on 56 races, but Mercedes aqueduct Hamilton lost the lead and won the China Championship trophy for the sixth time in Shanghai, this is his personal 75th championship. His teammate Bottas was runner-up and Ferrari driver Vettel was third.

The agency went out of "You" type and changed its quality.

The "1000" has become the F1 Sina Grand Prix, which has been held in Shanghai for 16 years, becoming very sinful. Engaged by the 1000 station effect, as much as half a month before the start of the race, are sold to the Heads and Deputies of the F1 ticket.

The cupcake is so called that the memorial to the first year of the F1 China station is in 2004. It's the most terrifying thing to see F1. In & # 39; the three days of & # 39; In 2004, there were 260,000 live audiences, including 150,000 live sciences at & # 39; day & # 39; e competition, in which the largest number of live audiences are kept in a single event in the history of China. After the fresh air, the Chinese public has understood F1 well that the engine was sound and the rush hour was too long, which led to a few years of F1 cast sacrifices.

In 16 years, the F1 process is resumed in China, and energy is collected on & # 39; s brand. Many students who just came in with F1 in 2004, are now the background of labels. The "U" type came on and remained on the desk. This is an extension of & # 39; growth fans. Sun Zheyi's car began to appear from & # 39; a high school, from a first ignorance to & # 39; a profound fascination with today, he wrote the testimony of & # 39; the boy of & # 39; e youth. "I was 16 years old fish since I was 13 years old. Already at age 29, especially inexplicable In 2006, Schumacher won the championship in Shanghai, this year he will be the historic moment of the 1000th view sender. "

There have also been new changes to the ticket vendor distribution platform this year. Yang Yibin, deputy general director of Shanghai Jiushi Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd., told the reporter, "10% of the cards are sold in overseas markets this year, but that is also 6,000 cards. sales through friendly matches. Shanghai's embedded tourism and other related industry. "

Starting point from the first step of independent investment

At the end of F1's 1000th stop, the Chinese brand Yuantai Petroleum became the first cooperative brand to enter sponsor segment F1 through Jiushi Sports' independent investment. This collaboration will also be surrendered to Chinese fires to guarantee the F1 in the future.

In & # 39; the time of & # 39; the former F1 head Bernie are the rights in and outside the F1 an inexorable "barrier". Many F1 tracks are unable to make. The F1 management company and the FIA ​​have earned a lot of money, but the tickets, broadcasts and advertising items in the F1 event are all separated by the company F1. Payment of a high range of contract terms, and the cost of hosting & # 39; a game of & # 39; a game, Europe has stopped many to count by losing money. Take the Chinese Railway Station as an example. From advertisements on the railroad to the business district outside the stadium, Jiu Shi Sports has no right to learn about investments. In 2016, after the Free Media Group entered F1, the idea of ​​starting a match was changed and sought a more open and more party collaboration model. Last year, Sina's regional partner system was set up, so it has a reality for Chinese stations to attract investment.

Although it is only a small step in the market, it has been the recognition and optimism of F1 China Station and the Chinese brand F1. Next to bringing the & nbsp; 1000's and carnival of & # 39; A pedestrian to China, F1 management company believes that Chess Kerry's new model is that a public model can continuously expand F1's impact, such as F1 in Shanghai Xintiandi. Street road, F1 e-sport, etc. Recently, Shanghai Jiushi Smart Sports Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jiushi Sports, won the copyright of the F1 E-sports Global Championship. In the three day F1 event, the off-site e-sports theme event attracted many fans and e-sports fans.

Improve city complex complex capacity

The waterscape plaza and business district outside the stadium gathers 1000 elements of appointment and display, and you can do the activities of & # 39; Jiading · 1000 Thousand Stations & # 39; enjoy in Jiading's cycling car culture and characteristic tourist culture, so fans can enjoy the festive nightlife atmosphere. There is an unforgettable 1000-seat tour. In comparison with other sub-stations, the service styles of China stations are different and the urban festival atmosphere is strong. After 16 years of intensive cultivation and careful cultivation, the quality and impact of the F1 Grand Prix is ​​& # 39; Improve a China continuity, especially in the F1 world map. On a public and shared platform, Jiushi Sports is no longer a distributor of F1 varieties, but gradually becomes a fan and master builder of F1.

This year, Shanghai will win international matches. The international sporting events are cultivated and improved as a new growth point in the industry, and the role of & # 39; a government, society and brand will further rationalize in any event. The F1 Sina Grand Prix undoubtedly gives the best cause. In & # 39; run from & # 39; In the spring, the police certificate must respond to a major soccer cure plan, Jiading, unfortunately for the special situation of & # 39; Really control events, and each link has been executed in detail, further improving the public service of the city. As the only world mark of Chinese motorsport, Shanghai is also a fertile ground for cultivating the Chinese motorcycle brand and culture.

Li Jianming, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, director of the organization of the F1 China Grand Prix, deputy mayor, and Chen Qun, director of the organizing committee of & # 39; a F1 China Grand Prix presented prizes for the winners.

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