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Exposure that Cristiano Ronaldo puts pressure on Zoshuai: every round of the league starts at Manchester United just to win the trophy_Solskjaer


Original title: Lighting that puts Cristiano Ronaldo under pressure on Suo Shuai: every round of the league starts at Manchester United just to win the trophy

At the King Power Stadium, Manchester United suffered a 2-4 reversal through Leicester City and lost three consecutive rounds. The last 7 main matches have lost 4 matches. The Premier League, Champions League and League Cup have a dismal third line record. Coach Solskjaer has been questioned by the outside world … However, the latest news shows that even with the poor performance of Manchester United, Solskjaer’s coaching position is still stable and he is not in danger of deciphering the class. Of course, for Solskjaer he has to get Manchester United out of the quiz as soon as possible, otherwise it will be difficult to make a deal. as Sancho, Varane and Ronaldo.

The British media “The Sun” broke the news that in addition to the slow performances of Manchester United, disagreement in the dressing room has also begun to appear. Ronaldo expressed dissatisfaction with coach Solskjaer’s arrangement. In the last game before the international match in October, Manchester United drew 1-1 at home to Everton. Coach Solskjaer did not put Ronaldo in the starting lineup, but let him come off the bench in the second half. The newspaper pointed out that Ronaldo was very disappointed that Solskjaer did not give him a starting position, and even when he doubted the Norwegian, there was some tension in the dialogue between the two.

In an interview with the Manchester United locker room informant, he broke the news about the conversation between Ronaldo and Solskjaer. The Portuguese demanded that each round of the league should begin. Ronaldo felt tired after playing for Villarreal, so he decided to play Everton in the second half. However, Ronaldo told Solskjaer that he would say if he is not fit for the starter, he hopes to start. Solskjaer that he came here to win the trophy and Manchester United must send the most important players in every game. “

Maybe it was Cristiano Ronaldo’s pressure two weeks ago. Manchester United lost 2-4 to Leicester City. The Portuguese not only started the match but also played 90 minutes. However, Cristiano Ronaldo made a disastrous appearance. He missed a lot of chances in the match, shot 3 times, and only 1 shot inside the door. On the contrary, Cristiano Ronaldo broke out during the international match day. Portugal defeated Qatar 3-0. He scored 1 goal and swept Luxembourg 5-0. CR7 even made a hat trick! Unfortunately for Cristiano Ronaldo, the referee was unimpressed, and booked him for diving.

Regarding the ups and downs of Cristiano Ronaldo’s state, there is a lot of speculation on social media. One of the reasons is that CR7 represents Portugal in the world rounds and the fatigue of boats and cars. You should know that he played in Luxembourg and a full 90 minutes. Considering that the Portuguese is 36 years old, it is already difficult for Cristiano Ronaldo to continue to guarantee his physical fitness and competitive state. Manchester United coach Solskjaer should consider giving him enough rest time. Unfortunately, Solskjaer was put under pressure by Ronaldo two weeks ago, and the Norwegian was “forced” to send Ronaldo to play in Manchester United’s away match against Leicester City in the Premier League. Ironically, Solskjaer once stated that when Sir Alex Ferguson coached Manchester United, he could not guarantee Ronaldo’s start.

Manchester United have introduced the Devil’s scheme. Leicester City is just a prelude to the battle of life and death. The Champions League next week will be a battle of life and death against Atlanta. It will be followed by a double red club with Liverpool. This game was formerly known as Solskjaer’s self. In the last battle of redemption I do not know if the Noar can save his cruel position.Return to Sohu to see more


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