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Chen Yufan's friendly accountancy and massive shadow fell in love with four years – worry free information

On November 28, Chen Yufan's news about drug arrest was confirmed by the police. He was arrested in court with Chen Yufan and his co-working friend He Moumou had been love for many years. Chen Yufan and Bai Baihe announced the plans in 2017. The two men left early in 2015. After Chen Yufan and his girlfriend arrested for drugs, discovered the net that they had destroyed Bai Baihe. Bai Baihe was photographed in 2017. The small flesh in Thailand is not abolished. It's normal love.

Who is he Moumou involved in the marriage of Chen Yufan Bai Baihe? Through the deepest insight of networking, we learned when Jane was named, living in Urumqi, and studied in Shanghai. And as Jane personally in charge is also excluded.

Jane's entry was recorded as of March 20, 2014, there were many personal photos, travel photos and food photos, of the area, it was a bad beauty. But when we commented on Jane's comment, we found out. In April 2014, when I traveled to travels and shook the passport, my friends were all sigh, and Jane's was charged, said Chen Yufan: "Your love!" "I will return to the next birthday, come to my birthday Party" All sisters! "The insider said that Chen Yufan had loved many years, and then he commented on '# 39; The account of Jane's, it is to say that the two love is in love with more than 4 years.

When Jane traveled back to Sinaia, she took a nice photo on Aset Chen Yufan: "I changed my brush soon!" "Haha, let's go on May 1!" "Say good, date."

When Jane was appointed to Aite Chen Yufan, mainly concentrated in April 2014, April has a very important time for her emotional development. And Chen Yufan has something "not close to human feelings." If Jane had always been Aite, he did not answer. Chen Yufan's registration was later depreciated, and then there was no more anymore. As a famous person, Chen Yufan was not included in peripheral interaction with a better privacy. The estimate of canceling is Chen Yufan instead of Bai Baihe. It can be said that Chen Yufan in # 39 arrested with his girlfriend arrested, who has had a lot of love for many years. He was guarded as Bai Baihe, who was appointed more than one year.

As Jane grabs photos of personal self-esteem, as well as travel photos, he is in many places in # 39; the world. In addition to sun beauty and travel, as Jane seems to be somewhat sentimental, it is very tasty to send hapensoep.

From then on, I get the content, I can understand that they worked in the tide.

On May 8, 2015, Jane announced a well-known "I love you!"

On June 8, 2015, when Jane asked, "I miss you much, but I do not tell you!" After all, Chen Yufan did not separate, and asked in Chen Yufan that "I miss you" is too risky.

After 8 May 2017, when Jane will no longer take up. On May 8, by comparing multiple photos and information, it might have been justified when the birthday was celebrated. In April 2014, when Jane Chuf Yufan requested to participate in a senior party back to China, she knew that Chen Yufan came after the appointment?

On April 16, 2017, Chen Yufan and Bai Baihe announced they were separated from the end of 2015. The divorce news has become known, both of which can normally be enjoyed with others, it seems that it is not necessary to re-establish the features, so Chen Yufan and then. It is also scientifically worded as logging and separation of insights.

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