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Original title: To clear the exact name These frameworks work harder.

Xiejiawan Village, Jingyang Town, Jianshi County, Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, at 7 pm in the morning, the cold in November is a direct hit. The first thing that Zhao Wenguang, secretary of the village holiday service, was to climb to go to the drinking water pipeline.

"Lao Zhao has nothing to do with the family in the past few days." One idea knows how to repair the pipeline. "Zhao Wenguang's wife Chen Zhenju.

Since October 27, the 56-year-old Zhao Wenguang has been sitting around the village committee and the pillar location. On the same day, Jianshi County published 5 reports of false letters and visits, and pronounced the name of five terms and Zhao Wenguang was one of them.


Renowned by the name

"After research, the various subsidies of the state of the benefit of farmers in the village are directly in the map of a farmer, Zhao Wenguang has no hands. The poor families in Xiejiawan Village are determined according to the procedure, and Zhao Wenguang found no problems with good friends. On November 5, the theme party celebrated the event of Xiejiawan Village, Wu Jinlie, secretary of # disciplinary committee of Jingyang Town, Jianshi County, read the announcement of Jianshi County Commission for Discipline Inspection for Zhao Wenguang's "correct name".

There were party members and village representatives in the village. Everyone has talked about it for a while. At the end of the event, the news about the village, and a rumor that "Zhao Shuji had a problem" was terminated.

No need for 'village residents' colored glazes, Zhao Wenguang was very emotional: "In the period of '' I was completely investigated, and the dishes in the village and The burden of 'village faces was under great pressure.' "

The story of Zhao Wenguang is not a case in Enshi.

"I'm grateful for the comet of # County Commission for Discipline Inspection for making my name, let's do things to do things." Wang Yeru, the first secretary of the village Nanmu Village in Peima Town, Hefeng County, arrived at # 39; the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and hold the secretary of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection. The Director of the Supervisory Committee, Wang Hao, did not release his hand.

In the village's support village Wang Yeru bought eight 4,000 yuan beetles and sold the 4 true families in the village. To prevent the loss of beer colony from the severe cold, it is the need for the bees to get ' to repaint the recruitment site and inspire the people to focus on health.

As a result, some people who knew the truth did not know that they used the public to protect the private sector and to use the villagers to bring eight bees of bees. After the County Commission for Discipline Inspection found truth, in mobilization and deployment of meetings of # 39; "Peace of the County" in Hefeng County, the public was known as Wang Yeru, explaining the facts, and the venus immediately formed a warm applause.

"I just done that my people give me my praise … The organization has excluded me from rumors and could continue to work." When it comes to the emotional situation, Wang Ye is blind.

"I just looked at the note, thank you very much, and the Commissioner of Discipline Inspection Commission gave us support and was full of confidence in maintaining civilian public security." On Thursday evening, Deng Chaoyang, deputy director of the Badongping Police Station of Badong County Public Security Bureau, After he saw the name of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the public on public Badong Integrity, he could not help but call the Badong Integrity editor.

Thinks caused by diary

In a journal of Zhao Wenguang he registered his journey through the period of his name.

"Today the old neighbors and old buddies listen to the novices and accuse me of a 'very bad person.' I'm totally wrong, but I can not reconstruct it." This passage was written in March this year .

"In those days I felt that the sky would fall, and the people of Qing were clear, but the people saw it and did not see the head, when they all had the idea of ​​# 39 , the secretary's secret service. " Zhao Wenguang said.

"In the process of organizing the research and authentication, I felt that everyone around me was colored glass." I feel that the villagers look at me in the meeting. "Xiao Anchun, secretary of the party branch of the old village of Yuanbao Township, Lichuan City.

The state of the spirit of this framework The Enshi State Discipline Inspection and Supervision System has a focus on how to behave as a responsible person and everyone thinks.

Tan Ruofeng, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Badong County and Director of # 39; The Supervisory Committee once said that the keys that have failed have to fail, but the addresses that have no problems have to be avoided. Otherwise, the enthusiasm, enthusiasm and creativity of its entrepreneurship will humidify.

As a result, the Enshi State Discipline Inspection and Supervision System has established a mechanism for establishing a plan to clarify the name of the code that has been misrepresented and according to the will of # The wifflower told and suggested. There are notices, meetings, media announcements, etc. To click the name.


Power to support

"The old Zhao is full of energy and goes every day to the site site." The drinking water pipeline contains more than ten kilometer to the family, solving the problem that there is no running water in four groups in the village. "Zhao Wenguang's change Wu Jinlie looks in his eyes and looks like it's in his heart.

"The organization believes in me, I have to work harder." Zhao Wenguang said.

The bees that Wang Yeru raised to the poor households have benefited this year, thereby increasing the income of each household by about 5,000 yuan. "They meet me as my own family, I'm happy with the trust and support of the organization I am convinced that this village is" poverty. " Wang Yeru.

After the name of the village's, Xiao & # 39; The cabins just right: "I would like to reflect on the issues that the masses have indicated to me, and others will be amplified if they change. If work always works well and the party members and village residents are invited The representative will examine me … "

Deng Chaoyang often shared his story with his colleagues: "If everyone follows the rules and the legal action, there is nothing to do, and the organization will support us."

Clearing the right name does not only lead the framework to its ideological burden, but also improves the confidence of # the people in # scratch.

In the area Branch Theme Party Day & # 39; Liaojiaba Village, Baifusi Town, Laifeng County, became a staff member of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection for the name of Yang, the deputy director of # 39; the village committee. After the meeting, a member of the village said: "We may have mistakes over Yang director." The Provincial Commission for Discrimination Inspection has explored relevant issues, restored the facts and confirmed the misunderstandings. To work. "

"In order to explain the name of the wrongdoers declared guilty of innocence, let them put their thoughts, and strengthen the confidence of fraternal and entrepreneurs, and encourage the morality of the addresses that you & # 39; t develop all aspects of work further. " Enshi State Commission for Discipline Inspection The relevant person responsible for the JISC said.

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