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2018-11-10 16:15:05 Source: Beijing Evening News

Continue your journey and keep fighting and keep winning. Last night, the Beijing Shougang team defeated Zhejiang Guangsha Team 95-91 and knocked out their unbeaten body this season. "I am proud of my players and my heart is still running." After the game, Yannis's sensation reflects the team's outstanding performance and a hard win.

Beijing Media: AJ Dahan cooperate to deter Guangsha Beijing welcomes sweet week next week

Before the start of the war, the Guangsha team season began and we used the home court to imagine the difficulties that the Shougang team faced. But perhaps because of this, the Shougang team is in a calm state, and the bullfighting posture does not fear the posture of the tiger, and a wave of 10 to 0 begins. The main lineup was incomplete, so the Shougang team made more decisions to keep the footsteps, and the first quarter showed a lot more patience overall. Under the high pressure field of the Shougang team, the Guangsha team had only nine points in the first quarter, which was very unusual.

The two teams met each other for the first time this season. The losing team lost in the second quarter and the opponent scored 23 points in one quarter. Last night, after entering the second quarter with 9-22, the Guangsha team scored five points as soon as they arrived. The Shougang team stopped immediately, avoiding the recurrence of the previous single-block collision. However, the Guangsha team has already pushed the difference to four points, and the Shougang team did not start their opponent with their teeth. At the end of half, Shougang led 46-36. Although the Guangsha team later narrowed the point gap several times, the Shougang team adjusted the time to adjust the situation and still maintained a 10-point advantage over the third quarter.

According to the trend in the first three quarters, Shougang head coach Yannis's mind will not "jump". As we entered the fourth quarter, the situation is constantly changing. The Shougang team led the way with 18 points, but the Guangsha team scored six points in the entire game, making a 14-2 wave.

At the time of the glue, the referee was also watching the video play "to create a nervous atmosphere" and the game was intermittent. More than 30 seconds after the game ended, the referee suddenly stopped playing the game to watch the video and made a controversy 20 seconds ago, but both teams scored once. Eventually, the referee found that Jackson had violated fouls, the two teams did not count every hour, the game time was 56 seconds, and Guangsha team came back after seven, but Joe Yanyi did not enter free throw. The referee then turned the ball to a penalty point, watched the video again, and gave the ball to the Guangsha team, and the Shougang team challenged and watched the video. The result was a ball of the Guangsha team. After a few twists and turns, the Guangsha team scored two points only once. Fortunately, the Shougang team finally stabilized and won.

The Guangsha team used "All-China Class" in the fourth quarter. Because the status of the two foreign aid could not satisfy Li Chunjiang director. On the other hand, the Shougang team's Jackson and Hamilton played at a moderate level, with both teams scoring 57 points. In particular, Hamilton aggressively attacked two times. In the second half, Dahan scored 31 points, 11 rebounds, 10 points, 23 points and 5 rebounds out of 13 points, and Guangsha's counterattack was very strong. In this case his score is the key to stabilizing the army. Another major player in the Shougang team is Wang Yuhui. After his comeback, he demonstrated his defense expertise in two consecutive games, greatly limiting the number of primary foreign aid such as Fredette and Fordson.

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