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Australian Open – Nadal 3-0 to win the dark horse, the fifth time in the half-final supernova – Diyafu

Original title: Australian Open – Nadal 3-0 to take the dark horse The fifth time in the half-final supernova

On January 22, Beijing became the television of the Grand Slam Australian Open in 2014. In & # 39; A first two men became singles 1/4 knockouts, the number 2, Spanish king Nadal, in an excellent condition, 6-3 / 6-4 / 6-2 beat the American Dark Horse Diyafu in line, and broke into & # 39th Australian Open semi-final for the fifth time in his career. In another game, the Sixi Pass was named in a good state, 3-1 Lecco Agut, his first career in the Grand Slam semi final, and then against Nadal.

Nadal 3-0 Diaf (6-3 / 6-4 / 6-2)

Nadal gave in long-term weapons to the final & # 39; a US Open semi-final. He started only on an exhibition match in the beginning of the season, and his physical condition has not been adjusted to the best. At the Australian online Nadal, it was slowly being removed, without losing a winning region for Duckworth, Ibden, Deminal and Berdych. In the fourth final, Nadal's opponent was the American Dark Horse Diyafu, which led to the three subsequent masters of Anderson, Seppi and Dimitrov, and brought in the first battle & # 39; a Grand Slam in his career.

In & # 39; a first match of & # 39; a game helped Nadal Lovegame lead in the first game, in the second game, Nadal took the lead to break the chance to break points. Since then, Diana has not been given a chance to break the service, but he also has a hard time in service. Nadal has won 6-3 to win the first set.

In the second game, Nadal took the lead in the opening game. The first game was the first to break Diyafu's service, and then Baofa made a 2-0 start. In the third game, Di Yafu has signed a contract once. Nadal decided two deficiencies and gave a guarantee there and both sides came to the 5-3 lead at the path of their various guarantees. In & # 39; e second series from & # 39; A non-guaranteed Diana ended Nadal's break break on an inventory. Diafu saved three points and then sent the ball. -4 wins the second set with a total score of 2-0.

In & # 39; third match, Diaz stays in & # 39; The drop-off, the first game, Nadal, broke the service from & # 39; service, and then the two came in & # 39; The rhythm of her respective guarantees, and the score came to Nadal 4-2. Diager's confidence has disappeared and the fog began to rise, in the seventh game, Nadal broke the opponent's service again, and 5-2 came to serve the game, and then won the game, he won 6-2 and won the third set.

At the end, Spanish king Nadal did not pay much attention, 6-3 / 6-4 / 6-2 defeated the Dûnhú Diyafu in straight points and advanced in & # 39; a singles final of the Australian Open Men. The whole game took only 1 hour and 47 minutes in a game, Nadal's ACES ball was rare and the pair went to 11 without double-fists. 75%, the first score of Nadal 84% leads opponents 14 percent points. The game of a match was an end for Nadal 29-24, not wounded Nadal 23-34 was lower than the 11 points of & # 39; e service. Complete 4 breaks.

Sisy Pas 3-1 Agut (7-5 ​​/ 4-6 / 6-4 / 7-6)

Greek supernova Sixi Pass was lost in a strong outbreak in the last few seasons, after Barcelona came to the final, Wimbledon expanded the top 16 Rogers Cup and won the final. This year from the Australian Open West Pass, another wonderful performance. The last round has saved 12 points and defeated the defending champion Federer in & # 39; a first round and made the first Grand Slam singles. In this round, the West West Pass was handed over by the Spanish star Agut, who defeated Murray in the first round and the sixth in & # 39; a final round. The lead to the fourth final is also the best record of Grand Slam's career. The field was also the first time the two played against each other.

In the first set of matches, Agut became his opponents unkempt, and the first game was to oppose the Sisips, and then Baofa won a 2-0 lead. Everyone has kept the eighth round of the West Gate and made the break. On & # 39; One end of a match struck Sixi Pass the opponent and took the 7-5 first set win. In the second game, Agut still took the lead in the opening game, after which the third match would break the lead to break the break. 1-1 flat.

In the fourth game, Agut lost a continuous breakpoint and succeeded in a home. The homopathic guarantee was 4-2. After a while, the West Coast Pass put in a check, and even the insurance broke the four-match winning streak, 6-4 won the third set with a total score of 2-1 lead. In the fourth game, both men sent on 6-6 levels, saw the seven-season West-West Pass and took the advantage, 7-2 score to win the seven-match victory, the total score of 3-1 defeated Agut to come to the semi-final.Go back to Sohu and see more

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