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At the critical moment of the science and technology bureau, the new control commission "has" to 21 people, the unexpected selection of & # 39; Shanghai Stock Exchange has speculated speculation – Shanghai Stock Exchange, 18th session, requests for opinions, information loss, how – China Times

2019-01-19 21:12:31 Source: China Times

The Science and Technology Board registration system will be the "Hong Kong-UK model" or the "US-Japan model", which has the attention of its brand.

The list of proposed new arrivals from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, to & # 39; t & # 39; The evening of January 18 was released, this focus gave the spotlight. According to the list, which the CSRC officially held, none of the 21 members of & # 39; e 18th Council meeting of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This is speculated by the brand related to the relevant control rings of the Science and Technology Board.

Under the current A-share approval system, the decision of new sharing part and license is in & # 39; the hands of & # 39; A CSRC, and the implementation of the Science and Technology Board registration scheme, means that the CSRC has a high problem for & # 39; decentralization & # 39; of SSE.

But what is the result of his decentralization? Is the reserve advertising reserved, only "decentralized" list of promotional advertisements, or all decentralized to the Shanghai Stock Exchange? Is the Control Commission of the CSRC, who has the right to grant legal and lecture rights, are selected by the Shanghai Stock Exchange? Does it mean that both forces are delegated to & # 39; e Shanghai Stock Exchange?

"Dafa Trying" Smarter

The 17th Audit Committee, which was still fully implemented, was founded on 30 September 2017. At the start of its establishment, a total of 63 members for the CSRC were the first time the Board of Directors (including the small and medium-sized boards) was issued to the Audit Committee and the GEM. As a result of the merger, the number is more than the previous one, and the brand is called the "Developing Committee".

The "Dafa Audit Committee" is considered to be a top service, according to "Implement the Audit Committee of a Commission on the Management of the China Securities Regulatory Commission" (hereinafter referred to as "the Examinations Committee – and licensing committee "which has been changed and introduced in July 2017, is the term of" one member of an Audit Commission One year. On September 28, 2018, the CSRC announced the start of & # 39; a reclamation of a commission, saying that the "Research Commission" works until the creation of a new commission.

On November 27, 2018, the list of candidates for the 18th Audit Committee was released. 18 people from the local regulatory office, 7 from & # 39; s exchange, 15 from & # 39; A bookkeeping power, and 13 of a legal firm were chosen. Human beings.

The reason why & # 39; t the number of candidates in & # 39; e 18th session was insufficient in & # 39; A branded session was considered by the brand to be in September of the same year the CSRC initiated the Measures for the Research and Expertise Committee and deferred a draft for comment. First, the number of people is up: from the previous 66 to 35, and the CSRC "can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the work." The reality of the many people in & # 39; t & # 39; Last but not least, it is interpreted by the brand as a regulatory opinion that the IPO has been "effectively blocked".

Besides the "slimming" of many people, there are no people from financial institutions, universities, companies, etc. In the list of candidates for the 18th. This is considered a relationship with the intention of changing the "part-time member" into a consultation structure. "Part-time members cannot guarantee enough time and energy to participate in the control work." The CSRC said this in the draft design for the design.

Specifically, a & # 39; on January 18, one person from the CSRC, that's the chairman of & # 39; a control committee (the official division level), the deputy director of the Guo Xudong department broadcast, nine of the local treatment administration, and eight self-discipline and accounting firm, 3 of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, none in & # 39; e Shanghai Stock Exchange.

The "China Times" report indicated that in & # 39; s 17th session of & # 39; A pilot committee of 7 people from the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange were elected, in & # 39; A list of candidates for the 18th session of the Council on 27 November 2018, Two People from the Shanghai Stock Exchange were elected.

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