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2022 National entrance exam expands 20% to recruit 31,200 people to register today_zhengwen


Original title: 2022 National Entrance Exam Extension Enrollment of 31,200 enrollment begins today

Yesterday, the National Civil Service Bureau issued the “announcement on the recruitment of 2022 officials from central authorities and their directly affiliated institutions.” According to the announcement, a total of 75 departments and 23 directly affiliated institutions participated in this enrollment, and the plan is to enroll 31,200 people, which is an increase of 21% compared to the national exam of 2021. Candidates can submit their applications through the central government and its affiliated institutions from 8:00 on 15 October 2021 to 18:00 on 24 October 2021 for the recruitment of officials. On November 28, the written examination of public subjects will be conducted nationally All municipalities, provincial capitals, capitals of autonomous regions and individual major cities will be held simultaneously. A Beijing Youth Daily reporter notes that in addition to expanding enrollment, the National Examination will also introduce three types of written examination papers for public subjects for the first time, while at the same time highlighting the candidates’ political literacy in multiple dimensions.

Enrollment extension is more conducive to promoting the employment of fresh graduates

It is understood that a total of 75 departments and 23 directly affiliated institutions participated in the recruitment. It deals with the four major systems of central party and mass organizations, central state governing bodies directly below provincial level, central state governing bodies (at this level), and central state governing bodies that manage public institutions with reference to the Civil Service Law. A total of 31,242 people were recruited, an increase of 5,516 compared to last year, an increase of 21%; 16,745 positions were vacated, an increase of 3,573 compared to last year. According to statistics from Zhong Gong Education, 24,243 people and 12,430 positions were recruited for administrative law enforcement, accounting for 77.6% and 74.23% respectively, occupying the top spot with the largest volume.

Zheng Wenzhao, co-chair of Huatu Education, pointed out that in recent years the number of students enrolled for the National Entrance Examination has increased from 39.17% in 2019 to 67.3% in 2022. From the above data changes it can be seen that the national recruitment policies of officials have a tendency to promote fresh graduates. “The main goal of this year’s expansion is to promote more fresh graduates under the influence of the epidemic. At the same time, these new positions are being added. Most of them are concentrated in the tax department. This is also because the reform of the tax department has been completed, so that a large number of vacancies have appeared. “said Zheng Wenzhao. At the same time, this year’s announcement canceled 10% -15% of special recruitment plans for students, village officials, etc. “This also means fresh graduates have more choices.” Said Zheng Wenzhao.

Enforce the first independent statement of administrative law

The 2022 National Examination announcement clearly stated that the written examination papers for public subjects are divided into three categories, corresponding to the central comprehensive administration, the comprehensive administration below the municipal and prefectural level, and the maintenance of administrative law positions. Under them, administrative law enforcement has for the first time a separate subject. In the long run, the law is the most important tool for governing the country, and the rule of law is an important support for the governing system and governing possibilities of the country. The comprehensive rule of law will deepen; in the short term, the national policy and legal team training and correction will be carried out in two batches from bottom to top in 2021. The central government requires that all locations strengthen organization and leadership, squeeze responsibilities, make overall plans and coordinate progress, and strive to practical achievement results. “From a broad point of view, the addition of the examination of administrative law enforcement is an important manifestation of the national official examination that meets the needs of national government.” Zheng Wenzhao pointed it out.

Examine the political norms of candidates extensively from 10 dimensions

The announcement of the National Exam 2022 also clearly indicated that the inspection process marks political standards and will be conducted through on-site visits, individual interviews, review of staff (student status) files, questions about social credit records, and interviews with individuals. At the same time, the political norms are made clear and measured from 10 dimensions including political quality, moral quality, property quality, and integrity and self-discipline.

At the same time, National Research 2022 will cancel the professional aptitude test in the interview stage, and the professional aptitude test for special positions will be conducted during the written examination phase. Zheng Wenzhao said: “This is undoubtedly more pressure for candidates to prepare for the exam. While preparing for public subjects, the review of written test subjects for professional competence should also be put on the agenda, and scientific preparation is more important . ”In addition, the 2022 National Examination has the Adjustment Implementation Plan to provide mutual adjustments between the same type of examination papers so that the examination is more honest.

Log in to the special website to submit your application today

The announcement clearly stated that the application age is generally more than 18 and under 35 (born between October 1985 and October 2003). For fresh graduates and doctoral students (non-employed) in 2022, it will be relaxed to under 40 (1980 Born after October 2015); with a college or higher. The number of recruits, specific positions, exam categories, qualifications, and telephone numbers for consultation of each recruitment agency are detailed in the “Central Organization and its Instantly Subordinate Institutions Recruitment Guide for Officials for the Exam 2022”, etc., obtained through the Special Examination Website (http: // bm to conduct an investigation.

It is understood that this registration mainly adopts online method of registration. Candidates can register on the special exam website from 15 October 8:00 to 24 October 18:00 to register and submit the application. Each time, they can only choose to register. 1 position. On November 28, written examinations of public subjects will be held simultaneously in all municipalities, provincial capitals, capitals of autonomous regions, and individual major cities throughout the country.Text / Reporter Xie Li

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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