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2018 Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon Shooting Guns African Players Top Two – Marathon Running – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-25 21:16:40 Source: Marathon runs

Original title: 2018 Xiamen (Haicang) International Marathon Marathon to launch African Americans in the top three

In 2018, the Jianfa Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon launched in 25th & # 39; the Xiamen Haicang Free Trade Zone. Almost 15,000 runners in competition, and completion was 94%. The Etioopje and Kenya players took the top three in the men and the top three in # The women's team were taken over by Ethiopian players.

After more than one hour of competition, the men's championship won 23-year-old BELAY TILAHUN BEZABEH in Ethiopia with a score of 1 hour, 01 minutes and 11 seconds. BELAY TILAHUN BEZABEH also made his personal best, the best result for him was 1 hour 01 minutes 51 seconds in Valencia Valencia Half Marathon. However, this realization did not break the best results of the event. The best result of the event was 1 hour, 0 minutes and 24 seconds from Kenya Joshua Kipkorir.

BELAY TILAHUN SATISFIED COMPANY YISMA ANTENAYEHU DAGNACHEW won the training with 1 hour, 03 minutes and 34 seconds. The third round-up was KANDIE KENNETH KIBIWOTT from Kenya with a score of 1 hour for 05 minutes 01 seconds.

BELAY TILAHUN BEZABEH said in an interview to the game that his total rhythm was not uniform enough, and there was no competition in the second half, so the second half was not called. "Although there is no breakdown of the game, but also achieving the best personal results, the rail is very stable, Xiamen air quality is good, if there is a chance, it will come again."

The winner was YIMER WUDE AYALEW with a decision of 1 hour, 09 minutes and 34 seconds and won the 2016 Lisbon International Half Marathon in Portugal, and the opperger was SEMANEW ABEBA EJIGU. 1 hour, 11 minutes and 30 seconds, the third place as AMARE WAGONESH MEKASHA with a score of 1 hour, 12 minutes and 57 seconds.

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