Friday , May 7 2021

12 people buried in the earth of # 39; the Sichuan province, China – 8 kanjes news and events

In a village and city in Sichuan, a large area of ​​earthquake, and three farms were pulled, and 12 people were buried. Ten people have been saved successfully, but three people died on the way to the hospital and one person lost contact.

A village in Zhangzhou City, Sichuan Province, was at 4 o'clock in the afternoon on Sunday, and the earthquake was striking. The total threat of earth scandal was as 30,000 cubic meters. The authorities provide more than 1,000 rescue workers to do and save. The rescue team used the radar living detector, and sent search and rescue dogs to make repetitive feeds in the landslide area, shouting to save the residents. Due to the safety of the buried staff, the search and rescue team can not use large machines, only use the broken wall or manual remuneration.

Zou Dengquan, the captain of the Zhangzhou brigade, said: "There are about eight or eight points in control: there is almost no possibility to fall. It can be dangerous to rescue them . "

At 6 o'clock in Monday morning, the search and rescue team made two more people, thereby increasing the number of free people to ten. Currently, five people are treated in hospitals, and one of them is in critical condition. Another 2 year old girl was found to have no fake signs when she was detected. The location is located close to a construction company. There was a slight rainfall in the local area for a few days, and the cause of the accident was still investigated.

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