Monday , May 17 2021

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Millennials are no longer limited to traditional phone and SMS messages, but are sending more on e-mail, Snapcha, iMessage and Instagram. Many of life-style lifestyles are performed by mobile phones, but their contacts with other people are more likely to be & # 39; mainstream communication, and they do not want to communicate directly via voice.

The BankMyCell shopping cart has recently launched an inscription on this subject, trying to examine the behavior of youngsters that have smartphones like hate, but hate. In the period from October 1 to January 31 this year BankMyCell examined more than 1,200 Americans from 22 to 37 to investigate why millennials no longer talk about mobile phones, including feedback. Most are "deleting time."

To put it simply, they do not seem to call the call and enthusiasm in conversation. They prefer to quickly read through text or expression to prevent any type of problem. Perhaps in our concept of community, the person who is the worst is to talk and communicate, may be a college, but the survey shows that the most frequent removing millions of friends are friends and family . 81% of respondents say they often visit the call.

Because the use of millennia has been blocked since various shots. They are afraid that the reasons for communication can be insatiable and communicate with others easily. This phenomenon is called "phobia", and almost one in five respondents said they should be prepared for the call. They say that if they communicate with someone about the phone, they often feel vulnerable, because they do not have enough time to express their views or ideas professionally.

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