Friday , April 23 2021

"You must have a new look": actress Francisca Imboden talks about the dramatic area crisis of TVN TV and show

The Exit of an Actress Amparo Noguera of the dramatic TVN area, no doubt, it was a strong puppy for television. The contract of & quot; tolma & quot; was not renewed and, as provided in an interview, may be the same with his colleague & # 39; s being & nbsp; hired until 2019 Francisco Reyes, Marcelo Alonso, Alejandra Fosalba, Josefina Fielbelkorn and Jorge Arecheta.

This is just one of & # 39; the consequences of & # 39; the economic crisis of & nbsp; the national channel, & nbsp; in & # 39; have been a million-year loss over the past few years.

About the abandonment of Noguera and the decisions of TVN, the actress Francisca Imboden, which this Tuesday shares as an assistant to the Caleuche Awards, said this situation is "pity", but he adds that "we need to have a new look" before reloading.

"You need to get to & # 39; s machine and that is complex. I wouldn't say (TVN does) little or good, but you should have a new look", he said in conversation with BioBioChile.

"One only believes that (success) is related to TV, what is currently, but there are other platforms that are not as" measurable ", the actor said," the public marked it " # 39; t through Internet

Regarding the importance of the old TVN actors, Imboden says that although their performances are relevant, "those who make the most out are the technical".

Earlier, Imboden is working on Mega's new phone, Power games, besides its role as a manager of It's never spit in Radio Romántica and the various theater projects.

We also have to remember that since 1997 1997 the actress worked for TVN for TVN, until she changed the TV-house in 2011 and then emigrated to Mega four years ago.

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