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Yasmine Valdez, God food with Jorge Alis Ancient Romance: 2 years | TV and shows


At dinner he organized, the guests of Yasmín Valdés were amazed. Sacred foodHe said he has a two-year relationship with a well-known Argentinian comedian.

Several years ago, and after working as a promoter at several automotive expositions, the agency asked her to cast. But one of the requirements was a dance she could not handle because she knew how to dance tango.

"I arrive at the fetish and I meet Jorge Alice, I like Altillo," Valdés admitted. "Besides, he brings me out and dances. I walked every step of the tango." He recalled his first meeting with Trans-Andes.

Impressed by her dance skills, Yasmín asked her. "Where can I take tango lessons? You are the teacher I imagine." Alis would have said he was pleased that he taught the art of Argentinean dance.

CHV capture

CHV capture

According to the actress, he went to dance with Jorge at the El Cachafaz Theater that night. "I fell on my heel." Valdez acknowledged the romance that lasted for two years.

Also, the blonde lived with a comedian, but things between them did not work out well. "He was so unfair that he surprises his guests above all.

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