Friday , July 30 2021

With a large tuning, the risk of diabetes increases

GUADALAJARA (Notimex) .- With a large waistline, 44 percent of risk for developing diabetes mellitus, said Miguel Escalante Pulido, head of & # 39; a Metabolic Unit of the Special Hospital of IMSS Jalisco.

The specialist thinks that a big cock is high risk for health, because it goes ahead chronic diseasess such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and hypercholesterolemia, including conditions.

He stated that it also leads 23 percent risk of brain development, and the chance of cancer from colony, breast, gallbladder and other organs and tissue disorders.

He commented that it Obedience Affects joints, venous and arterial systems, and can lead to delivery, resinous and even pulmonary and circulatory thrombosis problems.

In the male, he called, the perimeter of & # 39; a waist should not be any more 90 centimeters, while in women it should be less 80 centimeters.
He has thought that a change in food business, performing physical activity on a daily basis and regularizing the waist, helps prevent the development of obesity and other illnesses.


He said that in the Preventive Medicine Module (PrevenIMSS), IMSS Jalisco's Family Medicine Units (UMF) do specialized personnel such as measuring waist, height and weight in consultation with the family name.

He has thought that if the disease risk is detected, the patient is sent to the nutrient carefully to provide a suitable kidney plan.

"It is even channeled to Social Work in one of the tools to integrate that has the setting in healthcare, where conversations, support networks, and even physical activation programs are concerned. 39, he said, "he said.

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