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What is the connection between Antonia Santa María and Constanza Santa María?


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One of the questions that many viewers ask themselves when hearing the surname Santa María from both the journalist Constanza and the actress Antonia, is about the existence of a connection between the two.

And yes, there is indeed a family bond that unites them with television figures. The relationship is that Constanza Santa María (48 years old) is the older sister of Antonia Santa María (39 years old)

In an interview that the actress who became famous with her role in Bruges gave to Paula Magazine, she said that the news anchor adopted her as a doll and that she also wore dresses worn by her mother.

For her part, “Cony” also referred to the relationship she has with her sister. In the program “Let’s we go on for a long time” he pointed out that “La Negra, that’s how I say to my little sister, my only female sister, my friend, my partner, my counselor, because, although they are my little sister is, she often does and she works like my big sister, “the journalist revealed about Antonia in” Let’s Go Long. “

“She is by far the closest person I have. She is my friend, my sister, my everything. And I trust her 100% and I am super proud of her,” the TVN journalist added.

For her part, Antonia also spoke on television about the bond between them. “La Cony is a little more conventional to be a journalist, (but) she’s superhistrional and it’s funny because people think she’s very serious, because she’s in this context to give news, but she’s best for the egg … and funny from my family group, ‘he said.

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