Monday , November 29 2021

Walmart Chile is under 20 empressions with the reputation of the country


La novena edición del ranking
realized by the Spanish company Monitor Empresarial de Reputación Corporativa
(Merco), which analyzes the perceptions of public hearings, the openness and the
pubblic and general were the empires working in the country, destined to
Walmart Chile is offering 36 teaspoons in a single year at the Merco estuary
Empresas, desplazándose desde el lugar 50 hasta el 18.

La Gerente de Asuntos
Corporations of Walmart Chile, Daniela Riutort, tell the result of the results
This is a reflection of the realization that the realization of the company is building
Reliable social relationships with the various intergroup groups. "La
Important algae in this medicine is our motivation to follow the trabajando para cumplir
with the mission that ours proposes: hacer that familiar chilenas puedan
vivir mejor ", aseguró.

Pero ese fue el único
Reconciliation that recruits the company, as the Vice President of Walmart
for Latin America, Enrique Ostalé, and Gerente General de Walmart and Chile,
Horacio Barbeito, mainly commented on the ubiquacion in the
ranking of Líderes Merco, which analyzes the reputation of the most destacados
empresarios. Mientras el primero subió
12 pounds a year before the ubiquitous and the number numeral 34 of the lions
With the reputation, the supreme leader in Chile escalated 11th
puestos en relación a 2017, quedándose con el puesto número 62.

Walmart Chile is uno de los
major retail operators in the country. Their multiformat estrogen y
multicanal, with superb ideas in the media type
cliente, bajo las marcas Lider, Express de Lider, SuperBodega aCuenta, Central Mayorista,
and their commerce line.

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