Wednesday , July 28 2021

Volkswagen Atlas Basecamp Concept, a special version for the adventure of a SUV

De New York Auto Show It's just around the corner, and all companies are working hard to talk to their latest cars at the Javits Center in & # 39; a Big Apple. Among them is Volkswagen, which has shown a number of images of its new creation Atlas Basecamp Concept.

Vw Atlas Basecamp 12

The Volkswagen Atlas is a large SUV that is only sold in the North American market, as an alternative to lower costs to its related European Touareg. This bike is made by the famous 3.6 liter VR6 engine that can generate a maximum power of 270 horsepower, a connection with 8-speed automatic transmission and the less-known 4motion traction of the German company.

Vw Atlas Basecamp 5

The Basecamp concept, however, can be found outside the basic model and has new large decks independently, accompanied by 17-Zoll reinforced TraverseMX Räder, signed by fifteen52. In the body, Air Design is commissioned to design new aerodynamic parts for this SUV, add red details about the black light. Two finishes H & R added a new suspension this camera has about two centimeters to give it the necessary height to get all the nuisance, including new whole LED lights on the roof.

Vw Atlas Basecamp 10

But undoubtedly, the truth is from & # 39; e Atlas Basecamp Concept It is the complex HIVE EX compact that it brings. This unique mini-mobile home provides ample opportunities for two people to sleep comfortably and is with an expanded table, a table with two chairs, room for bikes and storage of tools, as a storage space for food and even camping equipment. from the propane names, a frigobar connected to a 12 volt battery, shower with glowing water and even a portable chemical toilet.

Vw Atlas Basecamp 16

The idea for this new Volkswagen concept was delivered by Axel Earle, director of & # 39; design department a Volkswagen United States and a fan of bike and adventure sports, so it's not uncommon for this new SUV and is focused on all fans of open adventures They would like to go further when their time comes.

Vw Atlas Basecamp 4

It is still strange to anticipate what will be the reaction of people to this new project, but a successful option in & # 39; e New York Auto Show, we can hope that this new model will start soon or that the full package will be offered convert your Atlas in an ideal model for weekend adventure.

In Motorpacion Mexico | Volkswagen is loading a video with family love to promote its new atlas

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