Friday , July 23 2021

Vocalista de Yerba Brava was arrested with almost a kilo of cocaine in the genitals and stomach

Cristian Espinosa, the singer from the Argentine group of cumbia villain Yerba Brava, was arrested last Friday in his country bring almost a kilo of cocaine into his body.

"Legal sources and security authorities confirmed they were singer arrested by the PSA in Aeroparque when attempting a flight of a national branch in the direction of Patagonia, "he said. Infobae.

The controls determined that he had 850 grams of cocaine, not in his turned case divided into its genitals and its stomach, 300 grams in its underweight, the rest into its digestive system.

Then Espinoza was accused of drug trafficking, arguing that in federal hard no. 9 by Luis Rodríguez posted appointed by the Lawyers Nr. 1 from the right state in & # 39; a right of judge Jorge Di Lello. At first he was released, the drugs in his stomach were withdrawn in the Fernandez hospital. Then it was At Ezeiza's prison, there he & # 39; t remain until now.

In his statement in the canton number 1, Espinoza did not specialize a musician, but a mulder.

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