Monday , November 29 2021

Voboril wins ground in the face of the crucial UC game against O. Higgins: Munder, the injured | Soccer


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Leonardo Rubilar | Archives UNO Agency

Catholic University He works intensively to make the Sunday's Christian match against O – Higgins in San Carlos de Apoquindo.

The team of Beñat San José can be a championship champion, if they get 3 points and U. Chile and U. de Concepción have no matches.

A few days before the deployment of the "heaven" got the "cruel" coach good news, after the Argentine Germán Voboril returned completely from his muscular injury.

The lateral faced a mythical tears in the court quits after the victory over the "campanile" a few weeks ago, and it was expected that his memory would take more time.

The inclusion can affect the presence of a young Cuban César Munder, for the size of foreigners, to be Dituro, Aued, Buonanotte and Sáez also be court.

The trasandino has trained with his teammates, Speech why it would be considered to be titular for the equipment of Marco Antonio Figueroa.

It should be noted that Universidad Católica O. Higgins received this Sunday at 5:30 in San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium.

At the same time, the Universidad de Chile will play against Deportes Iquique in Ñuñoa and Universidad de Concepción will receive San Luis de Quillota in the region of Biobío.

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