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UDI tricks Borik spokesman for controversial visit to Palmi Salamanca


Jacobeline van Rysselberghe UDI said he will take the most severe sanctions against Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Boric, convicted of a crime by Senator Ricardo Palma Salamanca, Jonime Guzmán.

"I can not explain to my deputy Prorente Amplio," he announced last September when he met Ricardo Palma Salamanca in France.

According to La Tercera, a member of parliament met with a former runner-up in Paris with Palestinian members.

At that time, Palma Salamanca handled the application for shelter at the French Refugee and Stateless Shelter (OFPRA) on 31 October.

In this regard, Boric said he would like to hear the story of Ricardo Palma Salamanca.

A few years after he escaped from a prisoner who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Zamauguzman, the ex-guerrilla, who demanded anonymity, was exiled in France, raising his right to Chile.

Palma Salamanca, under the nickname of "Black" and "Rafael", was killed by at least three other soldiers who retired from the regime, including Pinochet's bodyguards, to Pinochetist It was another big blow once again.

He also kidnapped El Mercurio newspaper owner Cristián Edwards del Río.

In 1992, the Chilean police arrested Palma Salamanca and was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Chilean justice system, which served in the largest security prison in Santiago, where the other members of FPMR were imprisoned.

Four years after his arrest, the two other members of the FPMR, along with a helicopter, filmed them in the courtyard of the prison where they were sentenced to death in the disbelief of the guard.

"We met for half an hour, when we talked about the asylum request (which he signed daily in France), Gabriel Boric told La Tercera.

Archive | UNO Organization
Archive | UNO Organization

Jaqueline Van Rysselberghe, president of UDI, said he would take the biggest sanctions against President Bush, saying, "Politicians can not meet with criminals and nothing will happen."

"Palma Salamanca is a terrorist, he is a murderer, and a murderer, Jaime Guzmán, was also murdered and he was convicted of the kidnappers and the justice of Chile and escaped from prison, therefore he is a fugitive offense," he pointed out.

He also said he should seek top sanctions against his deputy. "Politicians can not come together with criminals, and nothing will happen," he said.

Boric recalled that France granted Palma Salamanca a political asylum. Parliament members added that in 1991, Chile did not have a "fair trial" of its predecessors.

Luis Hermosilla, a lawyer for Guzman attorney, stressed that protests against human rights, the minister of the entire human race, have been reviewed for Palma Salamanca's request for extradition to Carlos Cerda.

"Sometimes we do not pay attention to the UDI, which is hysterical and distorting facts."

– Sergio Bittar

A spokesman for the Communist Party of Carmen Hertz said that Boric and Palma Salamanca meetings are "irrelevant," Chile's response to the matter is "pathetic."

"I do not know how important it is to meet Ricardo Palma Salamanca, who are feeling remorse for the asylum seekers who are present in France today," said a member of parliament.

According to the morning newspaper, former Minister Sergio Bitar met the former leader. Regarding this point, Bitar explained that while he was eating at a French restaurant it was an accidental encounter.

"Sometimes we do not pay attention to the UDI, which is hysterical and distorting facts," he added.

Deputy Gabriel Boric responded to the UDI criticism via Twitter. The lawmaker stressed the alleged murder of Senator Guzmán, but added in the guild that he "is in a caravan visiting Pinochet dictator while in London."

Finally, Borick pointed out that he did not justify the crime of Senator Jaime Guzman, but the asylum request was based on the fact that the Chilean judiciary system was involved in the dictatorship.

motorcycle accident

But in addition to his accused visit to France, Boric added a new question after he caught driving a motorcycle without a required driver's license, since Class C is needed for this type of vehicle.

Also, documents for motorcycles owned by other agents have expired.

For this reason, Gabriel Boric was summoned to the second local police court in Recoleta to respond to the violation.

In this regard, Frente Amplio's agent was convinced that something had happened and that he would pay for it.

"I will make a true excuse and (of course) pay the party in court," he said.

He also promised to rule the paper on motorcycles and ruled out driving because of alcohol.

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