Friday , April 23 2021

Uber is starting to develop autonomous riding technology for its bikes and scooters

For a time, now, Uber is developing its own autonomous driving technology. Although at the beginning of the past year they had to deal with their autonomous car's traffic problems because of the pedestrian abuse, in December they had resumed the tests, the destruction of the robberies that were being sold to & # 39; of their autonomous sanitation were.

At present, the Uber car to develop its technology, the Volvo XC90, a large SUV that has provided the Swedish brand and has only the necessary autonomous hardware. However, it seems that now Uber wants the world to go from four wheels and develop autonomous bike locks that are not specific to other types of cars.

So, Uber would work Integrate their autonomous driving systems into their electric bikes and their scootersAccording to the director of 3D Robotics, Chris Anderson. The Avans Technology Group of Uber (ATG) made this announcement in the past weekend. This way, electric bikes and scooters can move on to the loading slabs or build up in areas with greater demand thanks to the autonomous riding technology, they do this with camera & # 39; s that you & # 39; re collecting and moving the car & # 39; s.

Perhaps Uber has created a new distribution in & # 39; s business with the goal of develop completely autonomous electric bikes and scooters. This division, called MicroMobility Robotics, will be located within the Jump Group, a company recently acquired by Uber and responsible for managing its shared electric bicycle and scooter services.

The new department is already looking for employees, as claimed in a recent company: "Uber's New Mobilities team researches ways to Improve safety, dangerous experience and operational efficiency electric scooters and bicycles shared by us through the application of detection and robotics technology.

Currently, the Uber-Jump are bikes have already linked some misrepresented features to self-diagnosis of failures and crimes. Although this type of service is characterized by its simplicity, Uber is investing a lot of money in R&D to develop direct application technologies for their bikes and scooters.

For the moment, Most of its competition focuses on improving its hardware & # 39; s hardware of two wheels, while Uber focused on software, which could provide a lot of competitive advantage in a future.

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