Tuesday , June 6 2023

Typographer »PDI survey for animal abuse cases increased at 30%.


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Animal abuse has become one of the crimes most frequently investigated by Chilean police officers. According to PDI figures, the agency has investigated animal abuse cases since 2015, a 30% increase. Especially due to the enactment of the new Pet Ownership Act (Law 21.020).

This type of crime is investigated by the Environmental and Cultural Heritage Investigation Authority (Bidemas), but there is no special brigade of this type in the O 'Higgins area.

However, those who have witnessed this type of crime can also report on PDI's police station.

Regarding the order to investigate animal abuse, in 2017, 261 people were received nationwide.

The most surveyed areas were Metropolitan (218), Bouldibia (25), Antofagasta (8), Arica (6), Kofiapo (2), Puerto Iisen (2) to be.

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