Friday , April 23 2021

Transport Minister: There are sources in region & # 39; s, but they are misused

The Minister of Transport, Gloria Hutt, he advised Cooperation what There are funds to improve the public locomotive in region & # 39; sBut that is not being used in a good way, because they are used for other types of initiatives.

In the dialogue with What is left of the day, Hutt said that "what we need to do, order, and better use the means you & # 39; t be sent to regions & # 39; They are about $ 800 million in years And that's a huge amount anywhere in the world. "

"When you go to region and think & # 39; with 800 million & # 39; the year should be the & # 39; s region in & # 39; be the spaceships and it sees the transport and it is not happening, it means that we do something wrong, "he said.

The minister explained that these found "they are used for investments, but these are not necessarily transports (…) we are doing now, that is the law of subsidies to change, so there is a limitation and the means to go public, to & # 39; t make the changes that & # 39; law is just the ability to open up investments in other things. "

"What we do is wrong in spending money in a way that does not prevent the development of public transport"he condemned.

The minister has as a consequence of Iquique's case, of which these funds were allocated for creating a second access to the city, where & # 39; t the "spirit of law" & # 39 ; a mirror of & # 39; a Transantiago is lost.

"We hope so Higher standards that we install in Santiago can be entered in the rest of Chile, that there are electric buses that are Euro-6 diesel buses, from the new standard, "the Minister of Transport said.

Future of the Metro

In relation to the criticism of "weak" ones found by La Reina residents per expert for the recent introduction of Line 3, the minister stated that & # 39;On Line 6, when he was away, there were also such kinds of interests and of neighboring situations, and in Pedro Aguirre Cerda, and in both cases solutions were reached that are not specific to each other ".

As requested via the possible "line 10", Hutt requested "in all governments in general There is a line in the building, one in engineering development and another in plans for a longer term. "

"We already have Line 7 ahead, even though we've worked on the & # 39; field and in detailed studies 8 and 9. We put a lot of pressure on Metro"If we duplicate what has been done historically," he further said that new projects would be evaluated in the northwestern sector of the capital.

In addition, he was able to connect to the airport, saying: "If they ask me how & # 39; would be the best solution, no doubt it is an extension of Metro, I have no doubt that for technical reasons, operational reasons It's the best. "

Possible presidential option

Hutt Design "for now" a presidential option and say that he is not a minister & # 39; rockstar & # 39; feels. "Although the numbers I thank them from my bottom of my heart, I'm thinking that the support of people is very good, for getting you a lot of energy to go on, "he said.

"What I am told is that if you start striving for goals (…) when you focus on personal goals that you start with, you make smart decisions and I'm happy with these goals," he said.

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