Saturday , June 19 2021

To worry? Increased asteroid inflows on earth since the age of dinosaurs

The effects of asteroids on earth and the moon are almost three-fold at the beginning of one's dinosaur period, until a great spatial battle against & # 39; the stones were murdered, knowing scientists.

The rhythm of & # 39; Asteroids have expected about 290 million years ago with a kind of giant cosmic explosions in the main belt of asteroids between Mars or Jupiter's orbit, published in & # 39; an American journal Science.

The result was that a large number of space funds were released, including part of the earth and the month that increased the asteroid inflows by 2.6 times above all that occurred before that time.

"These inflows (from the asteroid gurdle) sent a space shuttle to the earth (…) that & # 39; s overdue", student co-author Tom Gernon, lecturer professor of Earth Sciences at Southampton University in the United Kingdom, told AFP.

The study It does not make a direct connection between the elevation of asteroid influences and the major events that determine the evolution of life on earth that occurred during this period, especially the large & # 39; a Persian period of about 252 million years ago as the 90% of the type of planet.

The dinosaurs appeared on earth letter, about 245 million years ago, and died 65 million ago, believed by the influence of a large asteroid against Earth.

"The question is known as the change in the consequences of asteroids may be on events that have long been on earth"says Rebecca Ghent, teacher professor in the Earth Earth Sciences department at & # 39; a University of Toronto.

"While the forces that this created are complicated, other geological factors such as large-scale roller blades, combined with biological factors, may have a role to play in asteroids", he said.

Cause of concern?

More research is needed to find out how the asteroid influenza scrap was developed over the last 290 million years.

Should we worry?

"Not even", forgives Gernon, explains that the consequences of asteroids are random episodes. Further, the US space agency is continuing potentially harmful objects – known as Near Earth Objects (NEOs) – more than 30-50 meters wide, he adds.

Scientists have long been intrigued by asteroid collisions and have been attempting to investigate the application of these effects to earth with much success, especially for the earthquake of the Earth surface changing many craters.

The month is divided by asteroids, as often as early and shares a "similar bombing", another co-author, William Bottke, explains an asteroid expert at the Southwest Research Institute in Texas.

Scientists better understand the processes that make up the month, to NASA's month of & # 39; learned a month. Due to their instruments, experts can individually and easily compare the age of some craters with what we know about & # 39; the consequences of & # 39; earth.

"The moon is like a time capsule, it helps us to understand the earth", Bottke concluded.

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