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To make the secret of the animal make cube-shaped cookie product


A small animal that Australia is the protagonist of a great science mystery.

How can it be possible that marsupials called wombats or vombatids can not fail to cube?

It's about it Only known types that make the product with these dimensions, and it does in large coins.

A womb may fail at night 100 cubes, which stakes in mounds to mark territories.

Although these animals have run like other mammals, they do not produce chewing in balls or in soft arrows.

A group of scholars in United States states that the reason for ' The unusual cats of wombats are in their own characteristics of their bowels.

Variable elasticity

"The first thing that leads me to study is that I have never been rare in biology, it was a mystery," he said. Patricia Yang, postdoctoral researcher in mechanical engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology, in the United States.

Yang and his colleagues study the digestive tracts of wombs that were closed due to car surgery in Tasmania.

"We started the intestine of the animals to be enthusiastic to separate if it was a Christmas present," he told the BBC David Hu, another of researchers.

The scientists compared the indices of 'vombatids with those of pigs and installed expandable balloons in & # 39; the digestive tract of the animals to measure their elasticity.


The intestinal womb has a very elastic elasticity. Getty Images

In the case of 'wombats', the head lifted from a bumpy state to a firm state in & nbsp; the last 25% of the poor. And in the last 8% of & # 39; The intruders have investigated a large number of researchers change in elasticity.

This variable elasticity of the strongest wall is the formation of stool cavities explicitly about two centimeters on each side.

"A third method"

Cubes give wombats to help their dogs efficient not only to mark territories, but to communicate and attract other vibrant.

Wombat carries her baby

The vombatidos or wombats measure one meter and are mainly crew or nightlife. They carry their children in a marsupial cup. Getty Images

"At present, we have only two methods to create cubes, make or modify them. Now we see a third method," said Yang.

The study can help in coming future! to compare a method to that of wombats production processesto make cotton cheeks, in the form of molds. "

Yang and his colleagues presented their findings at the annual meeting of # 39; a Fluid Dynamics Division of American Physical Association, this week in Atlanta.

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