Sunday , June 13 2021

This is what Yo-Kai Watch 4 looks like, it debuts from & # 39; a level 5 story to Nintendo link

After three successful deliveries in 3DS and a specially further spin-off, the Yo-Kai Watch saga sets course for Nintendo linkage with the dual purpose of offering a complete proposal and at the same time the true revulsive of series. And level-5 is clear how to get it.

Continue with the information that was offered in & # 39; s World Hobby Fair Winter 2019, event featuring a gaming demo, Yo-kai Watch 4 presents a Nathan (Keita in a Japanese version) who comes to adolescence, but also much more intimidate versions of the Yokais.

In this way, Jibanyan, Whisper and Komasan will keep the key of & # 39; a movie Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: the return of King Oni. A new challenge, of course, but we will also have a new mechanism: the ability to alternate between our character and the Yo-Kai in & # 39; s combat.


As a result, we have many intensive and interesting meetings that are at the same time slightly more of an infantile audience of & # 39; a first delivery goes – without drastically – by deepening a little more the transition to an ARPG we saw in yo -Kai Watch Blasters.

Sometimes you can see yourself in your new trailer.

The stylus control systems and their options can be lost by the 3DS touchscreens, but contain the usage of the joystick to deepen the overall experience. Not to be noticed, of course, the graphic jump.

On another side, and as we have already begun, this is Yo-kai Watch 4 wants to be a link between different honors. In addition, it will not be the first time we see in travel reviews, in & # 39; e teaser we see Natsume, Nate's oldest daughter and chosen from Yo-Kai Watch Elder. The idea is that, in addition to the alternation between Yo-Kai, we can also check various human characters in this adventure.


With a launch in early winter plans, it is expected that Yo-kai Watch 4 be available this year (with a view of & # 39; s spring) at & # 39; a Japanese Nintendo link. The rest of & # 39; s region & # 39; s? If we refer to the licenses today, do not remove the need for the old continent.

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