Friday , April 23 2021

This is how they are the weapons and new adaptation system of Metro Exodus

In Metro Exodus, we will exclude ourselves from the dangers beyond Moscow's tunnels, but that does not mean that we are defenseless: Artyom and the Spartans will have a true variety of arsenal During his journey in the unknown, and – if a good FPS tests it, it's part of & # 39; e experience.

In this sense, from the latest Metro Exods advance offered from the 4A official game channel, it is expected that this arsenal will have to be distinguished by the entrapped ones we say in this shutdown. To whom we must add a new system of personality for the occasion.

And nothing like a display of weapons to talk to example.

At a background, Everything is reduced to how & # 39; we want to propose the threats & # 39; and our own goals: we can choose to reduce or overcome enemies without paying too much attention to noise or ammunition.

But the interesting thing is how we can change pistols into medium-sized weapons or fast-fire sub-mask weapons at a flight.


Between engineer and art, the weapons of Exodus Metro The feeling of adapting to every need with the means available from the work of Dmitry Glukhovsky. It is also an active part of the project.

Exodus Metro It allows us to investigate the wild countries of a post-apocalyptic Russia by a whole-year pilgrimage from spring to spring at the depths of nuclear winter. The starting point? February 15 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC

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