Sunday , June 13 2021

This is how & # 39; the Fortnite's entire live Sunday card for 100 players has aborted

Presently, Fortnite has once offered one of its already famous magic traits. One looks at it while tackling it on the other side of those who don't let you picture and wish how the hell is what has just happened to you. To a rocket, a buck and a butterfly from another dimension, today it was the turn of the Ice Storm event's snow.

A cloud of snow that is running through the map Fortnite evoke by a mysterious character and that, in the wake, the card has completely white. With the intention of making surprise and sound by flagging, Epic Games He has until a very simple trick, but not less spectacular.

What has Fortnite done this time?

A few days ago, an ice bar appeared on one of & # 39; s highest points at & # 39; e card. What a priori was one of the main protagonists of the event that Fortnite was made for was nothing more than a clock you & # 39; t start from & # 39; a new decay of & # 39; Epic Games.

If they did the Tempest Nightmare, the Ice Storm event has given a new round of challenges to release for a few days of free zombies. Repeat an idea and with a small chicha that does, however, include copará with how it is started, with a storm traveling through the map from one side to the other that it is full of snow in a matter of seconds.

Why is it important?

We are used to these types of things after the curtain, to a presentation video for indexing the game or an update where everything stops before the action is restored with the change that has already been set. In fact, Fortnite has already played on more than one occasion, the result of the last and last cube has used to change the map "to live"while the users in the case compare very much to a kinematics.

Live and in a multiplayer With 100 players not the most common. Do it without affecting the game minimally on performance level or blocking one of the actions that & # 39; t users were that & # 39; at that time at & # 39; a map can do a lot, much less.

How did they do it?

Although logical, it is a secret that Epic is likely to be in the home, the truth is that we are trying to find the strategy they use to cover the snow card. The key can be in any dynamic shader that uses many video game engines today.

While the cloud is helping to deceive the change, the shader is responsible for changing the appearance and geometry of & # 39; e stage. The idea starts from calculating the distance to a point on a single question after each issue in & # 39; a real position in the world. In this way, how much snow is present to account for this linear effect. If you are interested and want to delete the idea with you, you have a Unity tutorial about the subject

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