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They say that Stan Lee created a new superhero before he died. Shows & Culture

© Reuters They say that Stan Lee created a new superhero before he died.

The cartoonist's daughter confessed to the details of the personality they worked with. Tvn


Stan Lee died on Monday this year at age 95. But he was older, but he did not stop doing what he liked most.

His daughter J.C Lee (father of many superheroes including Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk) was there, and on the last day he was working on a new figure he made with him.

"I tried to make him have a personality with me for a lifetime, and we were working on a character called Dirt Man." J.C. In an interview with TMZ

"The last little angel we have hidden is the Dirt Man," Dad said, not loud, without steel, and without it. "We will go down and get dirty. I try to do something about what is happening and what is love. Let's try the dirt. & # 39; It's very interesting and not over yet. We still have a few tricks. "

Lee did not want to explore the details of the unknown superhero, He said his father wanted him to appear in the movie.

J.C. He also announced that the phone would make a foundation after his father's death. Stanley Childhood Literacy Foundation.

"The importance of the written word and the importance of reading were underestimated. One of the reasons why Stan is" the man "is that he took his art very seriously.

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