Saturday , December 4 2021

They provide abuse of abuse, abuse of power and illegal liability in Providencia


Several complaints have risen against the Municipality by Torture, abuse of power, illegal attitude and persecution against street sellers or those who defend themselves.

It's the case Óscar Ardila, Colombian citizen who appears in a video that identifies himself with passport in hand and is taken by local security personnel who are not in unity.

Ardila gave her story by the lawyer Julia Urquieta, the Chilean Human Rights Commission and the former mayor Joseph Errázuriz.

"On November 14, I was in a permanent protest with Luis Thayer Ojeda's comrades, where we come with banneres, posters, or a bus, leaving 13 to 16 people, all in civilian colors , "he said.

According to him, "one of her, without prior notice, asks me for identification, I come to my passport, I point to the public and say I'm identifying myself." At that time Oyarzún, which is a carabiner, grabs me hard. He says, let's make it brief and he starts to stop me and take me to the bus. "

"At once They begin to put their feet in face, they catch me and they begin to shame me"he explains broken.

Evaluate legal actions

It is not the only case: there are also bills of a cyclist and less, so legal action is evaluated in this regard.

"The videos include activities in this case with maintenance and trying to load people on a private bus by people who do not have the power to do that," said the deputy Giorgio Jackson (RD).

"That's great and serious We ask for the announcement of the church to see what measures should be taken about these serious facts. These facts can not happen. It's an illegal action, "he said.

From the municipality they have rejected a version of # to provide the facts.

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