Friday , April 23 2021

They give audio from Emiliano Sales at the top of the missing plane: "It seems to be falling apart" – International Football

© AFP. Retrieved from & # 39; s audio from Emiliano Sala a top of missing aircraft:

The Argentine player sold with a group of friends then he was on board the plane that brought him to Cardiff. TVN


Emiliano Sala He contacted a group of friends he was on top of the plane missing several hours, and that was transferred to the player Cardiff to target in new club.

In the audio fan Whatsapp, they have discovered several trans-Andean media, which attacks in a speak tone they & # 39; t & # 39;I'm here on the plane that maybe falls apart and i go to Cardiff tomorrow we start and we drive in & # 39;"

Always random, Added sala in & # 39; record that "If in an hour and a half they have no news of me, then I don't know if they have one to search for me, because they don't find me, but you know. Dad, how strange am I!"

In addition, in the audio, the player is told to prevent details of his hectic days before they end up in Cardiff City after a half-half of & # 39; a season with the shirt of Nantes.

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