Thursday , April 22 2021

They find a prehistoric shark next to a Tyrannosaurus Rex and they baptize them in honor of a video game

A team of researchers discovered a new type of small saltwater rake that inhabited the rivers of current South Dakota (USA) about 67 million years ago. The shape of & # 39; teeth appears to be & # 39; a spaceship from a & nbsp; & nbsp; visual video game & # 39; a 1980s & # 39; Galaga & # 39 ;, why it was baptized as Galagadon nordquistae.

Probably the remains of this animal have been found in Cretaceous periods in the same pile of sediments as the famous Sue, the largest, best and best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex has always found.

Researchers from North Karolina State University and the Field Museum of Nature History in Chicago discovered the new type of exploration of about two tons of red lane alongside Sue. Specifically, the team was found More than a dozen microscopic teeth from & # 39; e Hai, which has a width of only one millimeter.

Of these fossils, scientists may consider the tool to be between 30 and 45 centimeters long and the water from the rivers on the spot looking for small fish, cuts and crabs. They also conclude that it is related to modern carpet sharks.

"It may be today, but as much as 67 million years ago, now South Dakota is dug out by forests, fungi, and windy rivers," said Terry Gates, the lead author of & # 39; study, published in & # 39; e Journal of Paleontology. .

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