Wednesday , June 16 2021

They find a 15-month-old baby's house in & # 39; a municipality of Lo Prado National

The body of a child under 1 year and 3 months was found in a house in the municipality of Lo Prado in & # 39; e Metropolitan.

The fund was created by Carabineros persons after 7.00 this Saturday after being alerted by local residents.

Inside the house, police personnel found the child's body with a win in the abbey, which wanted to cause death.

The owner of the owner of the property expects what happened, thought "from my neighborhoods," she told me that there was a bad injury, then I returned to the house came, then & # 39; i saw in the neighborhood saw the mattress full of blood, and on the side there was a bundle awakened, i was hard and torn there immediately. until the Carabineros came. "

For his part, the prefect of services from the "Eastern Prefecture, Major Felipe Rosenberg, gave details of the crime," that we & # 39; if we came to the scene, we came to the father & mother & # 39; children, but they they weren't home to the events, " Adding a restriction to a government spokesperson, this means that the victim and his parents are not of national origin.

In the same line, Rosenberg said that the only one in the action arrest has matched an uncle's dead baby. add that "It was some of that that you announced in a police unit of the crime of a crime. "

Also, the police officer indicated on the foreskin that "the means of provisional proof, I want to make it clear, make us a rape about her participation in the facts."

Minutes after the events, the Metropolitan Mayor, Karla Rubilar, indicated that a process will be placed against the responsibility.

The Police Bureau in its duty, stipulates that it is the Homicide Brigade of & # 39; A PDI is the one that has been put in place for research purposes.

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